Spilly's recipes

All the food you can handle, courtesy of Spilly.

A very special Chopped meal


With a box of expired mystery ingredients, Spilly has decided to play Chopped to celebrate the World Cup semifinal. It will also be his last Spillymeal.

Spilly plays 'Is this a sandwich?'


Spilly makes sandwiches for the Eastern Conference Finals with a twist: The sandwich validity is questioned and judged by Foodspin's Albert Burneko.

Spilly caters the Masters Champions Dinner

One of the sacred traditions of Masters week at Augusta National is the annual Champions Dinner on Tuesday night. The defending champ, who sets the menu, enlisted Spilly to help him serve the green jacketed crowd.

Spilly concocts a Russian Hot Pocket


In honor of the Olympics in Sochi, Spilly made you a Hot Pocket. Served with vodka. Enjoy.

Spilly's Rocky Mountain Tacos


Spilly went all out for the Super Bowl, including an Internet adventure and your favorite food: tacos.

Spilly's Thanksgiving potluck


Spilly enlisted the help of some friends and has made you a complete Thanksgiving meal. We're sorry about the Turducken.

Sushi for Schiano


Greg Schiano still has a sweet tooth, so Spilly made him a new twist on sushi.

Spilly's pumpkin beer


Spilly celebrates Broncos-Jags with pumpkin beer. We think it's pumpkin beer, at least.

The process of Jell-O Nick Saban


After months of preparation, Spilly unveils his Nick Saban Jell-O mold. Roll tide, y'all.

A Cincinnati cinnamon roll


This week, Spilly attempts to make Cincinnati a cinnamon roll, with an amazing plot twist.



Spilly is back with a new meal. Enjoy a summer treat: ribs!

Spilly's Tim Tebow feast

Tim Tebow has a new home, and Spilly made a special meal to celebrate.



Spilly makes s'mores ... uhm ... Texas-style? Enjoy eating like Spurs fans!

Spilly makes French Open crêpes


French food seemed foreboding at first, with all the wines and cheeses and fancy words for boiled mayonnaise sauce. But Spilly soldiered on, making a light and airy french crêpe, which is totally not just a thin pancake.

Spilly makes an NHL Playoff breakfast


Enjoy the day after every game in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with this delicious concoction.

Spilly celebrates the Kings


Congrats, Kings fans. You've won a meal from Spilly.

Spilly does Chick-fil-A

The Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, to be exact. Yummm, quadruple-fried chicken and mystery soup!

Spilly's NBA Playoffs picnic


A lovely Playoffs deserves a lovely picnic. Spilly is here to vaguely approximate that for you.

Spilly celebrates the Masters


Today we’ll be celebrating a tradition unlike any other by making our own homemade linked sausages!

Spilly is ready for the Final Four


This week, we get you set for the Final Four with a delicious meal.

Spilly makes an energy drink


Today's meal should give the Miami Heat a shot of energy. It also comes with a calorie count and fire.

Spilly's NCAA Tournament food bracket


Spilly is back with a March Madness bracket. He tried to use every ingredient in the bracket and it turned out ... ugh.

Aggie ice cream


Spilly has a treat for the Texas A&M Aggies. It's a delicious ice cream dish!

Spilly's hot dog of terror


This week, Spilly whipped up a Chicago-style Hot Dog that may cause an immediate heart attack. Enjoy!

Spilly made you meatballs


Spilly made you meatballs this week, and we don't think there's horse meat involved.

Spilly made bourbon


The internet's favorite chef finally takes on the internet's favorite spirit.

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