Super Bowl Commercials 2014

Samsung's Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd ad a hit

Samsung's "The Next Big Thing" commercial featured a LeBron James cameo and two of the funniest actors in Hollywood. It seemed to be a hit.

The funniest commercials of Super Bowl XLVII

GEICO. Samsung. Volkswagen. Three of the funniest commercials from Sunday night.

Taco Bell, Jeep provide top ads

Taco Bell went in a humorous direction, while Jeep saluted the United States military. Both companies came up with great Super Bowl commercials.

The best commercials from Super Bowl XLVII

For once, some of the best Super Bowl commercials weren't the funniest Super Bowl commercials.

Will Ferrell in a SB ad you probably missed

Will Ferrell was in a Super Bowl ad this year, though you may have missed it, as the ad for Old Milwaukee beer was broadcast only in specific markets.

Budweiser gives us a good moment

Nothing is better than a nice moment between man and his animal.

The best (and worst) commercials

Super Bowl commercials are usually spiritually hollow and ought to be forgotten. There were a few exceptions Sunday night, though. Here, we take a look back at the best, worst, and funniest ads from Super Bowl XLVII.

Leon Sandcastle makes headlines

The slate of Super Bowl commercials this year did not disappoint. Which ads really stood out on Sunday? One in particular starring Deion Sanders blew social media up.

Super Bowl 2013 commercials: The Rock needs milk

We're all familiar with the "Got Milk?" advertising campaign. The famous slogan appeared again during the 2013 Super Bowl, with The Rock showing up to support their cause this time around.

Super Bowl commercials score big

The Super Bowl and the commercials lived up to the expectations on Sunday.

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