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Weekend Wow: Halladay, Kobe, 'Hawks, More Light Up Sublime Saturday in Sports

TSB was supposed to be dark all weekend, but that sensational Saturday demands some words. What other day this year brought as much drama and greatness in sports?The top headline has to be Roy...

Weekend Wake Up: Celtics Sap Magic, Flyers Soar, Dice-K's Non-No-No

↵ ↵Celtics Take Magic's Pride. At this point, it's not even fun to watch. Do you like seeing great rotations on defense and the occasional brilliant hustle play from Rajon Rondo? If...

Shanoff's WUC: LeBron, Sweeps, Big Ten, Habs

Today's Calls: Lakers vs. Suns, Magic vs. Destiny, LeBron vs. Rondo, Big Ten vs. Big 12, Andre Ethier vs. All-Star Status, Brian Cushing vs. AP NFL Award Voters, Tiger Woods vs. Hank Haney, Duke...

Video: LeBron Sinks Half-Court Buzzer-Beater, Remains Superhuman

Cleveland has controlled its game in Chicago today, and LeBron James is a big part of that, recording as ho-hum a triple-double as possible before even half of the fourth quarter has elapsed. It's...

Dwyane Wade Does Everything, And It's Just Enough for Heat

And people act like they forgot about Dwyane.How good was Dwyane Wade's 46 point-performance today, the one that rescued the Heat's season from the guillotine? That's more points than he had in...

Weekend Wake Up: Thunderstruck in OKC, Bucks Down Hawks, Mauer Mashes, Draft Ends

Storm Coming. They shouldn't be this good, this soon. But they are, and the Oklahoma City Thunder's shellacking of the defending NBA champions served notice that they might just be around after the...

Jameer Nelson Scalds Bobcats in First Quarter

To the right is Jameer Nelson's shot chart from the first quarter of today's Bobcats-Magic tilt. As you can see, he's shooting the lights out in the first home playoff game in Bobcats history (that...

Weekend Wake Up: Heat Pierced, Spurs Nose Mavs, NHL Survival, Clausen, McCoy Picked

Celtic Dagger. Paul Pierce's 32 points led the Celtics in a 100-98 win; his last two, though, were what staked Boston to a 3-0 series lead. The flair for the dramatic Pierce has flashed throughout...

Sleepless in Seattle: Why the Sonics Should, And Won't, Be Playing Today

Imagine if cosmic justice meant more than money. ↵ ↵The Seattle SuperSonics left Seattle two years ago, and most Seattle fans' enthusiasm for basketball evaporated as the team...

Weekend Wake Up: NBA Goes Nuts, NHL Works Overtime, Strikeforce Skirmish

I touched on Ubaldo Jiménez' no-hitter last night and will cover Cardinals-Mets shortly, so that's why they're not here.Celts Win, KG Loses Mind. It is not a shock that Kevin Garnett is perhaps...

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