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Kevin Durant vs. Laker Game 6 Open Thread

If we can stop Aberlour scotch from entering my body, I won't be able to handle Joey Crawford's faggotry.

Durant vs. Lakers: Part 5

This is the enemy: If we can stop Ron Artest's hairdresser, we may have a chance. I'm starting this thread early as a demonstration of total focusness. Also, don't forget to DVR Ricky Williams 30...

And I Thought Our Open Threads Were Entertaining

Check out former Major League pitcher, current radio personality on The Ticket in Dallas, and evidently Dallas Maverick uber-homer Mike Bacsik get down and dirty about the Mavs vs. Spurs Series on...

Kevin Durant vs. Lakers IV: The Quickening

If the Thunder can stop Gail Goodrich, they may have a chance.

Kevin Durant vs. Lakers: Thunder Victorious!

If Durant can stop George Mikan, the Thunder may have a chance. And they did. Thunder - 101 LA - 96 Durant dropped 29 points, 19 rebounds and 4 assists. Also, clutch defense on Kobe Bryant down...

Kevin Durant vs. LA Laker open thread

If we can stop late night feedings we'll get some sleep.

Weekend Retrospective: DurantWatch, AM Throttling, Viva Nigeria Diaspora

DurantWatch The Thunder lost to the Lakers in the Staples Center, a scene complete with dignitaries in front court seats wearing shades indoors, a Kevin Durant Welcome To The Playoffs career...

Phil Jackson Can EABOD's, imo

Don't understand EABOD? It stands for eating a bag of magnusbleuveigners. As for why I think Phil Jackson should EABOD and if you haven't paid attention to this week's sound bite battle between...

Weekend Wow: Halladay, Kobe, 'Hawks, More Light Up Sublime Saturday in Sports

TSB was supposed to be dark all weekend, but that sensational Saturday demands some words. What other day this year brought as much drama and greatness in sports?The top headline has to be Roy...

Weekend Wake Up: Celtics Sap Magic, Flyers Soar, Dice-K's Non-No-No

↵ ↵Celtics Take Magic's Pride. At this point, it's not even fun to watch. Do you like seeing great rotations on defense and the occasional brilliant hustle play from Rajon Rondo? If...

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