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USC Apologizes to Schools For Saying Dillon Baxter Was Illegally Contacted


You may recall that in June, the NCAA ruled that schools could contact USC's juniors and seniors following the punishments handed down by the NCAA Infractions Committee. You may also recall that...

In Alabama, Football is a Political Football


Tim James is running for governor of Alabama. If you want an inkling of why I would never run for governor of Alabama, check this tweet from Friday.That's James' camp (he denied personally sending...

Two More Examples That, In The End, College Athletes Have Almost No Power


Two players from two sports in one conference give us our latest reminders that college athletes are often nothing more than cannon fodder for college coaches, left at the mercy of one-sided aid...

Spring Gleaning: 'Bama's Backs Still Thrill, Robinson Leads Michigan QBs


Breaking news out of Alabama: Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson are both very, very good. Ingram ran for 90 yards, including a 60-yarder, and Richardson had three catches for 63 yards and a score at...

Offsides: Nick Saban Goes to Washington


↵ ↵Just as Zod conquered the White House in Superman 2, it only stands to reason that Nick Saban will try to take the place over during his team's visit with the President. ↵ ↵ ↵(And if...

Terrence Cody Is Profiting Off His Fame, Others Not So Much


↵ ↵Remember when Ian Johnson had to stop ↵selling the hats he was knitting because people might buy them for ↵reasons other than "these hats are sweet"? Well, this is evidently ↵legal...

A Commitment To Nick Saban Is An Iron-Clad, One Way Street


Georgia blogger, Doctor Saturday contributor, and general blogosphere bon vivant Doug Gillett's recently completed list of college football's 50 most loathsome people is generally accurate save for...

Fax Cams, And Why National Signing Day is College Football's Christmas Eve


With all due respect to Dan Shanoff: National Signing Day, that holiest of the unholy days of snake oil wholesaling in the college football offseason, is not Christmas. It's Christmas Eve. No one...

Senator Wants Boise State and Alabama at the White House. Your Move, Mr. President.


Orrin Hatch hasn't kept his hate for the BCS any sort of secret. He urged President Barack Obama to investigate the BCS back in October. Now he's written a letter to President Obama asking him to...

The Hangover Cure: Bowl Season


Key Takeaway. The Crimson Tide won the BCS National Championship Game by anthropomorphizing their name.Again and again the running men pounded at Texas' defense, Mark Ingram churning, Trent...

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