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Did the All-Star Skippers Manage To Rob Their Own Players of All-Star Glory?


↵If you win the All-Star game, you get home field advantage in the World Series, a fact that clearly was not lost on Joe Girardi and Charlie Manuel heading into last night's star-studded...

It Takes Tiger To Break The NFL's Grip On The Most Hated Sports Figures


Forbes is a publication that thrives on lists, though primarily ones that chart incredible wealth. Of course, as people who write for online publications know, lists, either fact-based or not, are...

NY Post Links A-Rod's On-the-Field Success to Off-the-Field Relationships


The New York Post is asking Alex Rodriguez to dump Cameron Diaz. No, it's not because a breakup between the actress and Yankees third basemen will make for great tabloid fodder – note: it would –...

Offsides: The Secret Behind A-Rod's Doctor


Everyone is engrossed in the details over which drug was intended for whom, but it was probably A-Rod's choice of doctor that initially set off the suspicions. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵For more on the...

Thanking the Thankless in Sports


↵ ↵It's easy to think of a lot of the things that we're thankful for in sports -- Kobe's magic, Chris Johnson's agility, Usain Bolt's speed, Albert Pujols' power, and all the stuff Dan Levy et...

A-Rod Contributes to Umpiring Controversy By Allowing Umps to Get One Right


Alex Rodriguez was the subject of the first replay review over a home run in Major League Baseball, and last night, he was the subject of the first replay review in World Series history.By...

Alex Rodriguez "Had Portraits of Himself As a Centaur," Apparently


One of the fun things about the Alex Rodriguez-Kate Hudson romance is that A-Rod is getting looked at by the national gossip rags, not just the New York tabloids. I say this mostly because of an...

Offsides: A-Rod Is Just Singing in the Rain


↵ ↵The weather is less than pleasant for Game 1 of the World Series, but don't worry. A-Rod is taking it all in stride. ↵↵This post originally appeared on the Sporting Blog. For more, see T...

Shanoff's WUC: A-Rod, LCS, Rush, Tebow, Weis


Today's Calls: Yankees vs. Angels, Joe Torre vs. Retirement, Rush Limbaugh vs. Jim Irsay, T.O. vs. Brady Quinn, Sam Bradford vs. Tim Tebow, Oklahoma vs. Texas, Notre Dame vs. USC and More. ↵ ↵T...



The calendar is set to turn to September on Monday, which can only mean one thing for Yankees fans: It’s time to start mindlessly booing your best player. A-Rod felt the wrath during last night’s...

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