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On June 26th, the BCS presidential oversight committee approved a change to a four team playoff starting with the 2014-15 bowl season. How will this shape the college football post-season?

New BCS Production: How to Add Conferences and Still Alienate People


↵Much has been written about "automatic qualifiers" for BCS games -- that is, conference champions who are guaranteed a BCS bowl berth -- but there was never a defined list of criteria for how a...

Senator Wants Boise State and Alabama at the White House. Your Move, Mr. President.


Orrin Hatch hasn't kept his hate for the BCS any sort of secret. He urged President Barack Obama to investigate the BCS back in October. Now he's written a letter to President Obama asking him to...

Brutal Championship a Fitting End to Worst. Season. Ever.


↵So. That just happened. The player of the year, according to the fans, got knocked out on his first drive and gave way to a true freshman. After raw, throbbing ineptitude lasting most of the...

Playoff Advocate Ad to Run in Boise, Dallas, Salt Lake City Markets This Week


↵ While you watch the Fiesta Bowl, check out this ad created by Playoff PAC, which describes itself as "a new federal political committee dedicated to discarding the Bowl Championship Series...

BCS Insults: Unplugged


I have no idea who Eric Hutchinson is, but evidently he got a letter from TCU tackle Trevius Jones when he was a little less than happy about his Horned Frogs being left out of the BCS title...

Another Model Better than the BCS: Tournament of Champions


There have been many, many different models for a college football post-season and, frankly, all of them seem better than the current BCS model. Sure, there are some people who still like the BCS...

Do Not Seek BCS Chaos, As It Is Upon You


Today the prevailing thought when it comes to the national-championship-type game arranged by the BCS this year is "boy, isn't the BCS lucky Texas kicked that field goal."Without said field goal,...

BCS Joins the Social Media World; Hilarity Ensues for All, Except the BCS


If there's one thing people in college football love to gripe about, it's the lack of a playoff system and the current way we award a title: the BCS. But don't worry, the Bowl Championship Series...

The BCS Vs. The Department Of Justice? It Could Happen


Politicians are getting involved? Buckle up. The Department of Justice, as you might imagine, has a lot on its plate these days. There's not much need to go into that here; in case you hadn't...

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