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Solving The NBA Lockout, One Fun Idea And Contracted Team At A Time

A prominent sportswriter has the NBA lockout all figured out. Oh wait. No, he doesn't. News at 11.

Press Coverage: Just How Unlistenable Is Hall of Famer Joe Morgan, And Other Media Notes


↵ ↵I'll admit it, I tried to sit through an entire game of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and give Joe Morgan a fair critique of his performance on the air. The Sunday Night Baseball product...

Media Cat Fight: Bill Simmons Thinks HBO Documentaries Are For Fogies


↵Who ever thought that the Sports Emmys could garner three separate posts? First, we did a recap of the winners, thinking it was a "hey, here's something sports related that won't cause too much...

Tiger Woods Is Still Everyone's Favorite Celebrity Punching Bag


↵Let me know if you've heard this one. What do Chris Rock, Hugh Hefner, Jim Carrey, Bill Simmons and Jim Nantz all have in common? ↵ ↵ ↵The five stars are all making news for dipping in...

Keith Olbermann and Bill Simmons Keep Trying to Out-Do Each Other's Pomposity


There have been some great media feuds in our time, but the ongoing tete-a-tete between Bill Simmons and Keith Olbermann could be, to borrow a phrase, "the most fascinating running sports feud of...

Press Coverage: Welcome Home Olympic Heroes, Scribes


Dear Quintessential American Sportswriter, ↵ ↵Welcome back. It's good to have you home. We missed you the last few weeks. We know that covering the Olympics is the assignment of a lifetime –...

Press Coverage: Phillips Fired, Deadspin Sued, Best Disappears, Simmons Explodes & More


Sports in the social media age are a strange thing to cover. While the big story of the weekend is the culmination of a dream scenario for Major League Baseball – the Yankees making it to the World...

Don't Expect Bill Simmons Pardoning Any Interruptions This Summer


Last month Dan Le Batard was on the ↵Deadcast and mentioned that he would be doing part of his traditional mid-summer replacement tour on PTI with none other than The Sports Guy – ESPN's...

Shanoff's Wake Up Call: Non-Shanoff Edition


Spencer Hall is filling in today for an in-transit Dan Shanoff. He'll really try to care about baseball. Really, he will. ↵ ↵Today's calls: Kobe Bryant versus anyone else, Pacman Jones versus...

ESPN: No Obama For You, Bill Simmons!


The Worlds of politics and sports collided today when it was learned that ESPN decided to put a kibosh on a podcast interview that writer Bill Simmons was to conduct with Presidential hopeful...

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