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Canada's New Banknotes Strike Some as Loonie


TORONTO—When Nicholos Billard's employer at an Ontario construction company gave him eight newly printed Canadian $100 bills as a Christmas bonus in 2011, he tossed them in an empty coffee can. The next morning, they were shriveled—by the heat of a nearby radiator, says his mother, who made local headlines when she tried to get the bills replaced. Canada started rolling out new, polymer-based $100 bills two years ago, followed by 50s and then, last November, 20s. The money—slick like a sheet of plastic, hard to fold and partly transparent—is more difficult to counterfeit than Canada's old paper-and-cotton bills. Australia and New Zealand have used similar, plasticized notes for years. The U.S. has no plans to introduce them. They've been a hard sell here so far, forcing the central bank to defend them against a growing list of allegations: They don't work in vending machines; they clump together; they melt. "I avoid getting those bills if I can," says Mr. Billard's mother, Mona. While the serial numbers on her son's bills were still legible, several banks refused to replace them, she said. Finally, last summer, the Bank of Canada, the central bank, exchanged them.

NFL Football is BACK and so is The Mole & Meares Show. Mole and Meares discuss the top four...


NFL Football is BACK and so is The Mole & Meares Show. Mole and Meares discuss the top four games in the NFL including the 49ers vs Packers, the Redskins vs the Saints, the Bills vs the Jets and the Steelers vs the Broncos. NEW FOR THIS YEAR...click to the game you want to see after the intro!!! Follow us on twitter @moleandmeares Like us on Facebook - www.facebook.com/moleandmeares Check out all of our picks against the spread at www.moleandmeares.com

NFL Free Agent Feeding Frenzy, Part 5 – Team Needs (AFC East and AFC North)


Free agency is literally just around the corner - word is that the feeding frenzy will officially kick off at 10:00 EST Tuesday. Having run down the biggest needs for each team in the NFC, let’s...

P.King on K. Williams


• Surprised at me having Kyle Williams 27 while the players, apparently, don't have him in the top 100? Watch some video of him. He consistently occupies two blockers. Always moving forward. A machine. I remember talking to Chan Gailey about him last year. This is a man who coached Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin -- and I do believe I have never heard him rave about any player the way he raved to me about Williams

AEG Talks to 5 Teams About Relocation, None of Which are the Bills


AEG has contacted the Vikings, Chargers, Raiders, Rams, and Jaguars about possible relocation for their bid to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles. The story goes on to say the Rams and Jags aren't as likely, and the Vikings essentially need to get a stadium built or they will be the second purple and gold franchise from Minnesota to bolt for SoCal. Two seems thing clear from this story. First, the effort to bring a NFL Team back to LA is more organized and well funded than any other time since 1995. We can expect there to be a team there sooner rather than later. Consequently, Ralph's health and well being in the next 2-4 years are critical to alleviating fears of Buffalo being one of those teams. As long as he is alive, the Bills will not be a candidate for relocation. Hopefully, he will live to see some other franchise set up in LA; thus allowing us a few more years until the next round of relocation roulette.

Don Banks is very impressed with Bills draft, along with others like the Browns


Don seems to be really impressed at the Bills draft and thinks they did a good job building a solid core for the future. He feels that the D is going to be nasty.



Show Topics: Thanks Steve Why you never have to Apologize for Wins? Why Style Points Matter in December? Why are the Steelers playing Sloppy Football? Offensive Game Grades Defensive Game Grades

Eagles claim they are looking to move up for one of top two Safeties


For those of us who feel the Bills should drop down and stockpile more picks, the Eagles may be out ticket. If Thomas or Berry somehow move into the area where we pick, we could be getting some serious phone calls about that spot, especially if its Berry that falls. I personally would be fine trading the pick if the 4 top tackles are gone and the team does not like Claussen, then fall back, get a couple of more picks, and get a ton of new, and BETTER bodies in here.

9/09/2007 - Kevin Everett suffers paralysis

(Everett lays motionless on the ground. Photo courtesy of the Associated Press) In the closing seconds of a game between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bulls, Broncos kicker Jason Elam...

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