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A Definitely Futile Conference Expansion Explainer


College football blew up over the weekend with news that the Pac-10 had prepared an audacious offer to the six most attractive Big 12 schools in an effort to preempt the Big Ten's glacially-paced...

An Expansion Plot That Actually Makes Sense: Boise State To The Mountain West


Before the Big Ten threw the college football punditry into a state of utter higgledy-piggledy by announcing it might expand in 12 to 18 months, and then whispering that it might expand to 16...

Senator Wants Boise State and Alabama at the White House. Your Move, Mr. President.


Orrin Hatch hasn't kept his hate for the BCS any sort of secret. He urged President Barack Obama to investigate the BCS back in October. Now he's written a letter to President Obama asking him to...

Shockingly, Boise State Is Dissatisfied With the "Fundamentally Flawed" Status Quo


Another year of college football is in the books. And another title belt on only one of two undefeated teams. So it is no surprise that the other one is bellyaching and bellowing for a playoff.↵B...

Playoff Advocate Ad to Run in Boise, Dallas, Salt Lake City Markets This Week


↵ While you watch the Fiesta Bowl, check out this ad created by Playoff PAC, which describes itself as "a new federal political committee dedicated to discarding the Bowl Championship Series...

That Doesn't Sound Like a Real Major


↵ ↵Forgive my juvenile nature here. You know, I'm going to miss the BCS on FOX. The shameless promotions. The hilarious on-screen graphics. The gigantic Reese's logos. ESPN, you've got big...

Offsides: Your Fiesta Bowl Preview


↵ ↵Either way, an unbeaten team is getting left out of the championship picture. (For more on the game, check out previews from Matt Hayes and Dave Curtis.) The game is tonight at 8 p.m. ET on...

Boise State Is the Green Bay of College Football


↵ ↵No, that doesn't mean their fans have to start wearing some version of a Brett Favre jersey now, but rather that they can purchase stock in the program. ↵ ↵ ↵So does this mean you can...

Boise State: No BCS Title For You, Period


↵In the aftermath of Boise State's thumping opening-week victory over ↵Oregon and Oregon's post-debacle renaissance, a steady drumbeat has been ↵taken up by the commentariat suggesting that...

If Boise State And Fresno State Know What's Good For Them, They'll Abandon The WAC


↵Boise State is currently the No. 5 team in the national polls after an ↵opening week shiv-job against Oregon, which has earned them some BCS ↵Championship Game hype after Utah got stiffed...

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