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How Notre Dame's roster was built

15 of Notre Dame's 22 starters were recruited by Charlie Weis. But thanks to better coaching, and an emphasis on defensive recruiting, Irish head coach Brian Kelly has Notre Dame playing for the...

Offsides: What's Wrong at Notre Dame?


↵ ↵First-year Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly is not so happy with what he's seeing from the Fighting Irish offense in spring practice: ↵ ↵ ↵⇥SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- New Notre Dame coach...

Unsurprisingly, Brian Kelly Scorned by Cincinnati, Welcomed by Golden Domers


Sometimes, thinking that all in this world is infinite and that Cincinnati might actually have been destined for perennial BCS greatness, nutty fans overreact. Brian Kelly sums up the perils of...

Mini-TWIS: Notre Dame Fans Can't Decide Whether They Want Brian Kelly Or Anthrax


Editor's note: We didn't have a This Week in Schadenfreude this week, but we'll have a season recap next week. For now, let this mini-edition evaluating the reaction to the Brian Kelly hiring keep...

Offsides: Brian Kelly Goes After Notre Dame's Gold


↵ ↵Notre Dame made Brian Kelly walk the plank, but when he jumped, he found himself in a pile of cash with what is reportedly a five-year contract. If the Chicago Tribune has it right, the...

Shanoff's WUC: Kelly, Heisman, NFL Week 14


Today's Calls: Brian Kelly vs. Lou Holtz, Steelers vs. Oblivion, Giants vs. Eagles, Mark Ingram vs. Ndamukong Suh, Colt McCoy vs. Trophy Cases, John Wall vs. Carmelo Anthony, Jason Bay vs. Citi...

Notre Dame Will Not Meet Its Football Savior in Jeans


↵By now you've heard about Brian Kelly's selection as the next football coach at Notre Dame. There were some signs today. Tweets allegedly from football players at UC. The media being barred...

How Cincinnati Becomes the Center of the College Football Universe For One Night


UPDATE 2: Well, Brian Kelly is the next coach at Notre Dame. Cincinnati's stint at the center of the college football universe was short. ↵ ↵UPDATE: Brian Kelly will meet with his team before...

Cincinnati's Trump Card in Brian Kelly Negotiations


Sure, the Fighting Irish have bags of money, superior facilities, legions of fans, a deal with NBC and more to throw at Brian Kelly, should they choose to go after him, but Cincinnati fans can...

South Bend Rumors Swirl: Kelly Tells Player He's Staying, Stoops "Doing Homework"


With the Notre Dame job open and no prospective coach more likely to move up to South Bend than Brian Kelly, the marriage of the guy with the Irish name and the Fighting Irish's fortunes would seem...

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