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When it comes to comeback rumors, Favre's got nothing on Wilt

via a.espncdn.com Brett Favre has become the boogeyman. He's resurfaced so many times, like a monster out of a horror film, that no one really believes he's gone even when he says he is. He'll...

Today in Sports History: June 25th

(Shaq was traded the day Jackson died. Photos courtesy of Getty Images) 6/25/1999 - Johnson jay ends '99 Finals The Spurs entered Game 5 of the 1999 NBA Finals with a 3-1 series lead, an...

Today in Sports History: February 4th

2/04/1987 - Lakers destroy Kings It was an ugly scene in Los Angeles as the pitiful Sacramento Kings, who would lose 59 games in the '87 season, went up against a Lakers squad that would win 65...

Today in Sports History: May 22nd

(LeBron after hitting The Chosen Shot. Photo by Gregory Shamus, Getty Images) 5/22/1963 - Nats move to Philadelphia Not long after the franchise was sold to a group of Philadelphia businessmen,...

5/31/2007 - LeBron beats Detroit by himself

(LeBron dunks home the tying bucket. Photo by Matthew Stockman, Getty Images) In just his fourth season, LeBron James was already recognized as one of the greatest players of all time. At 22 years...

Today in Sports History: March 28th

On this historic day in sports, Michael Jordan scores a career-high 69 against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Michael Jordan torches the Knicks with 55, and Bob Irsay moves the Baltimore Colts.

Today in Sports History: December 9th

It's a huge day of sports: a terrible moment in Cleveland Cavs history, a famous punch, an awful trade, a footwear moment, a great game for T-Mac, and a really bad college football hire. So read on!

Today in Sports History: April 12th

On this day, 30 years ago, Ted Stepien became the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. And if you thought Isiah Thomas was a bad owner, you don't know Ted Stepien.

5/07/1989 - The Shot

On this day in sports history, Michael Jordan posterized Craig Ehlo.

Today in Sports History: May 18th

On this day in sports history, Scottie Pippen is called for a dubious foul, the Tigers face the A's with scab players, the Magic beat Jordan and the Bulls, and Pierce and LeBron duel in Game 7.

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