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Da'Sean Butler Literally Calls His Shot Against UC


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵I referenced the big bank shot by Da'Sean Butler's big shot in an earlier post, and figured I wouldn't pay it any more mind. I mean, we've all seen it 50 times today. Great shot,...

The Definitive Word on the Sugar Bowl from Carl Brutananadilewski


Although I'm not the type to gamble, I can tell you that the line on the Florida-Cincinnati game has gone up a few points in the aftermath of the Urban Meyer health dustup. Noted prediction expert...

Bearcats Crack Down on Unauthorized Charity Merch


↵ ↵Breakout seasons leading to upticks in merchandise sales is a given in sports. And the University of Cincinnati wants to reap the full amount of the windfall that will attend a berth in the...

Moment of the Decade: Kenyon Martin's Broken Leg


Today at TSB, we're each giving our personal moment of the decade in sports. ↵ ↵When you’re from Cincinnati and you’re around my age – I’m 27 – you’ve lived through a pretty fair amount of...

Unsurprisingly, Brian Kelly Scorned by Cincinnati, Welcomed by Golden Domers


Sometimes, thinking that all in this world is infinite and that Cincinnati might actually have been destined for perennial BCS greatness, nutty fans overreact. Brian Kelly sums up the perils of...

How Cincinnati Becomes the Center of the College Football Universe For One Night


UPDATE 2: Well, Brian Kelly is the next coach at Notre Dame. Cincinnati's stint at the center of the college football universe was short. ↵ ↵UPDATE: Brian Kelly will meet with his team before...

Cincinnati's Trump Card in Brian Kelly Negotiations


Sure, the Fighting Irish have bags of money, superior facilities, legions of fans, a deal with NBC and more to throw at Brian Kelly, should they choose to go after him, but Cincinnati fans can...

South Bend Rumors Swirl: Kelly Tells Player He's Staying, Stoops "Doing Homework"


With the Notre Dame job open and no prospective coach more likely to move up to South Bend than Brian Kelly, the marriage of the guy with the Irish name and the Fighting Irish's fortunes would seem...

Weekend Wake Up: Cincy Survives, Paul Hurt, NBA Upsets


Bearcats, Barely. Closest win this season? Sure. Strangely arrhythmic quarterback situation? Yep. But Cincinnati persevered on a night when their running game had to carry the day, and Isaiah Pead...

Does Brian Kelly Want A Bucket Of Gold Or The Power Of Flight?


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵If Cincinnati QB Tony Pike had enough attempts to qualify for the NCAA's passer ↵efficiency ratings he would slot in ninth, about a point behind a guy named Tim Tebow. That's...

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