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Are records starting to not matter?

Mike Krzyzewski, who might have the most phonetically-inaccurate name ever, needs one more victory to surpass Bob Knight for the most career wins in Division-I college basketball history. K...

Summer Discussion: The Best Conference In College Basketball Will Be ... ?


In the barren summer landscape of college hoops news, the release of ESPN's Big 12 Monday schedule rates as a highlight. College Hoops Nation has the particulars of the schedule, which features...

Marist Wins Legal Battle Over Ex-Coach Matt Brady; What Will It Mean Going Forward?


One of the many reasons college athletes are often considered powerless is the logistical hoops they have to jump through in order to change schools. That process stands in stark contrast with the...

Is Anthony Davis The No. 1 Player in the Class of 2011?


No clue who Anthony Davis is? Watch this. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵These are the kinds of plays Davis makes that have some people wondering whether he's the top player in the nation. Davis is...

Tony Wroten, Quincy Miller Liven Up Slow Summer Hoops Days on Twitter


Other than the occasional NC Pro Am showdown, most of the fun in the college hoops world at this time of the year is relegated to recruiting circles. Thankfully, even if you can't make it to big...

Even In July, ACC Hoops Heats Up the Court


Not that there's ever really a shortage of talent in the ACC, but this year is looking like it will be a particularly interesting year in the conference -- specifically in the state of North...

The Comedy Roast of Bob Knight Not For The Faint


As far as prominent sports figures go, there are few as ripe for pointed jokes told in their presence while others guffaw at their expense like Bob Knight. At least there are few that would be more...

A Contender for Name of the Year: God's Gift Achiuwa


Last Friday, Brian Cook wrote about future Tulane football player Fudge Van Hooser as a strong candidate in the Name of the Year race. It is indeed a worthy entry, but I'd like to one-up Cook with...

Ex-Seton Hall Coach Bobby Gonzalez Charged with Shoplifting


Bobby Gonzalez made an ugly exit from Seton Hall after this past season. His final game will be remembered for Herb Pope punching another player below the belt. Gonzalez himself will probably be...

Report: NCAA Taking "Aggressive Look" at UK Hoops


UPDATE: Mike DeCourcy reports UK has not been informed of an NCAA investigation. Read more here. Original post follows. ↵ ↵--- ↵ ↵There was a time when it was easy to blow off TMZ, but this...

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