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The Prosecution Rests on the Legacy of JoePa

Joe Paterno may the greatest college football coach in history, but not that or 40 years of good deeds can overshadow his new legacy as a pedophile-protector, Inhistoric writes.

Why It Isn't Wrong To Attack The Recently-Departed JoePa

The media should spend less time celebrating JoePa, and more time finding out how an 85-year-old man could make such an egregious error, Inhistoric writes.

O'Brien Bitching: Where PSU Fans Senselessly Gripe About Their New Coach

The author of Inhistoric goes on a rampage over the outrage expressed at the hiring of Bill O'Brien. It has very little to do with sports history, but who cares?

Penn State fans need to stop trying to change the subject by blaming the media

I go to Penn State, and I've heard many idiotic defenses of Joe Paterno over the last few days. My Penn State brethren are grasping at straws. They don't want to discuss the actual culpability that Paterno has, so what do they do? The cling to something they can vehemently protest instead -- the media.

The necessity of morality

Joe Paterno is one of the greatest college coaches ever, but he created a tolerance of misbehavior that ultimately doomed him, and it will haunt his legacy for the rest of time.

Today in Sports History: November 14th

11/14/1970 - Marshall athletes die in plane crash "A dreary Autumn morning fits the mood of the Marshall University campus. Nowhere does one see any smiles. The sorrow of last night's disaster...

Today in Sports History: October 15th

10/15/1981 - Krazy George invents the Wave If you are like me, you probably thought that the "Wave" was something that humans eventually stumbled on, like hitchhiking or bathing, and that it...

Today in Sports History: October 7th

10/07/1916 - Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland 0 In a baseball game in 1915, Cumberland University had beaten Georgia Tech 22-0. Allegations arose that the Bulldogs had cheated by hiring professionals...

The NCAA's Agent Enforcement Crusade Threatens To Be Epidemic


The NCAA declared Investigeddon last weekend, hiring Michael Bay to spill fireworks over message boards and ESPN by launching, announcing, or leaking investigations of star players at North...

Penn State "White Out" Against Temple Is Printing Error, Not Budding Rivalry


↵There's a show on Food Network called Cupcake Wars and I was as surprised as you to learn that it's not, in fact, a reality show about the out-of-conference opponents that travel to Happy...

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