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After all, they are just kids...

OSU's battle with team rules and police blotters.

Coaches say Wright is overrated

Thanks to an informal survey of coaches out on the recruiting trail by CBS Sports' college basketball crew, Jay Wright has found himself listed with other coaching luminaries like Roy Williams, Jim...

Obama Ballin' With the Tar Heels

The Democratic candidates are in our backyard here in North Carolina campaigning for next Tuesday's primary. While Hillary was off doing whatever hobbies Hillary likes to do at 7:15AM, Barack Obama...

FirstCuts: Tyreke's Family Wears UNDRCRWN

Even though I shouldn’t have been, I was surprised to see my favorite streetwear brand making its presence known at yesterday’s announcement by Tyreke Evans, who announced he’ll be attending...

Next Year's Tournament Bubbles Are Bursting

That’s it Gary Williams, pack it up. There’s no sense in even playing next season, because Maryland’s bubble has burst. Yep, as you can see, the Terps are in the “last four out” for next year’s...

Weekend Tube Review: Tourney Ratings Still Down

By Brian Powell Disappointing Games = Disappointing Ratings One of the best potential sports weekends since football ended is behind us, and I'm slightly disappointed. Gus Johnson put his mark back...

Shanoff's Wake-Up Call: Final Four Finally Ruined

By Dan Shanoff Today's Calls: Chalk vs. Cinderella, Davidson vs. Kansas, Ryan Zimmerman vs. Chipper Jones, Johan Santana vs. Erik Bedard, Warriors vs. Mavs vs. Nuggets and More! The Opening Pitch:...

D-Rose Shows How to Properly Execute a Shoutout

By Will Brinson When you're recognized as "the guy" (here meaning a generic term for MVP, MOP, etc. of a major sporting event) you are required to talk to media members. When you do that, you...

Only One Moment That Might Not Shine

By Will Brinson [img=http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l126/rwbrinso/Curryshot.jpg] This is probably closer to what Davidson wanted on that last shot. Wow. First of all, it's worth saying "thank...

Texas Periphery: Cheerleaders, Chaps and Bush

By Will Brinson [img=http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l126/rwbrinso/cheerleaderchaps.jpg] You could most certainly be excused for not being heavily vested in this Memphis - Texas contest, if it...

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