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Pavano Puts Blame on Yankees

↵If the Yankees were currently relevant, Carl Pavano's relative return to form -- two wins in three starts, a 1.33 WHIP -- would be a good, heart-warming story. Sunday Conversation stuff,...

Danny Granger, The Biggest Free Agent That No One's Really Heard Of

No sooner do I start carping about the current NBA "dead zone" than the dark horse of off-season action, the intrigue I've been tittering about behind-the-scenes for months, stirs a little. I'm...

Monta Ellis' Early Season Injury Is No Problem, Except That It Is

↵ ↵The NBA season is very long. The beginning doesn't matter much. Don Nelson is a psycho genius who can turn any mismatched batch of talent into a viable team. These are the reasons...

Pointing Will Kill USC's Football Monopoly

If you missed UCLA's ad in the L.A. Times this morning, you should be know that the school would like to make it clear that there is no such thing as an L.A. football monopoly anymore. Not that you...

The Blazers Are This Couple's Shared Mistress

So like, you've found that special somone, and JACKPOT!, she loves sports. In fact, she loves the Portland Trailblazers as much as you do. The more you talk about your love for each other, your...

Did Phelps Actually Touch First?

The primary reaction as Michael Phelps took gold in the 100m ↵butterfly Friday seemed to be disbelief. Our eyes ↵didn't really fool us -- take a look at this Associated ↵Press...

Team USA vs Spain, First Half Highlights

Team USA leads Spain by 16 at the half. Despite the margin, the game has been exciting and has even felt like a tough battle. The Americans have just been plain good, though. Some highlights: ...

Shanoff's Wake-Up Call: Phelps Mania Climaxes

Today's Calls: Michael Phelps vs. History, Nastia Liukin vs. Shawn Johnson, Ryan Lochte vs. Rebecca Soni, Jake Delhomme vs. Brett Favre, Brad Ziegler vs. Mark Kotsay, John McEnroe vs. Roger...

Swedish Wrestler Ara Abrahamian Hates Bronze

Swedish wrestler Ara Abrahamian holds a grudge. Rephrase: Ara Abrahamian takes his grudges, wraps his hands around their throat, and then squeezes the life out of them. Abrahamian had already been...

Morning Constitutional: Sweet Karaoke Jam

Stuart Scott Sings the Hits | Dave's Football Blog ↵Edwin McCain? Really, Stu? ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵An Olympic Headline Even Bloggers Wouldn't Use | Sports Point ...

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