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Lance Armstrong's Last Tour Will Not End Well, But What Will Be His Legacy?


The hero will be bloodied. He will fall. It will be a storybook without a happy ending. But I'll bet Lance Armstrong still gets lionized for trying.↵Armstrong embodies a certain type of American...

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Emmanuel Sanders inspires the next generation


Every NFL player got their start in HS. Some were stars, some had just discovered the game. Now, six of them are going back to lend a surprise hand.

As Armstrong's Final Tour Begins, Landis Attacks Anew: Doping, Cocaine, Bike Sales?


↵ ↵Lance Armstrong is beginning what he says is his final Tour de France today. It seems unlikely that this will be the final Tour de France marred by Floyd Landis' frank accusations about the...

Offsides: Floyd Landis Finally Confesses


↵ ↵Disgraced Tour de France winner Floyd Landis is finally coming clean and admitting that he was doping, but he isn't going down alone. He's also taking Lance Armstrong with him. ↵ ↵ ...

Floyd Landis: Cyclist and Alleged Computer Hacker


I'd somehow almost forgotten about Floyd Landis, the one-time 2006 Tour de France winner. (You know, before he was disqualified.) Evidently Landis is still fighting the whole thing, because a judge...

Lance Armstrong Has a Book, Amazing Abs, Makes Up Feuds but Really Hates Contador


It's the holiday season, so the talk show circuit is rife with celebrities having some product to plug. Add Lance Armstrong to the mix. The greatest cyclist of all time, cancer survivor and...

Lance Armstrong Responds to El Pistolero


After torturing himself by riding his bike for three ↵weeks straight over two mountain ranges and the hot, flat plains of ↵France, Lance Armstrong is now kind of making you hate him by...

Skinny Men in Bike Shorts Itching to Slapfight


Alberto Contador, the winner of the Tour de France, is certainly too ↵busy rolling in a bathtub full of champagne with trophy girls to do ↵anything but savor a magnificent overall victory in...

The Official Bouncer of the Tour de France


If you step to the podium and mess with the riders at the Tour de France, Bernard Hinault will mess you up. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵He tossed a protestor from the stage in 2008 and he did it again over...

It's a Great Day to Be an Athlete Named Sanchez, and Not Just for the 'Dirty' Jokes


One of the most improbable no-hitters took place last night, as Jonathan Sanchez, a reliever who was only on the mound because Randy Johnson was unable to starting on account of a bad case of...

Study Finds Bicycle Seats Bad for Sperm Production. Well, Duh


Are you a man? Have you ever been on ↵a bicycle for more than 12 seconds? Oh, then you don't need to read ↵any bit of this, because it's so scorchingly obvious that you'd just ↵be wasting...

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