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Limit Use of Past Champions Provisional Instituted


This past week NASCAR changed the Past Champions Provisional, limiting its use it to only six uses per season.The rule change will mostly affect past Cup Champion Dale Jarrett, who is racing for...

The Shootout, Qualifying, and a Rant


The ShootoutIn a word, boring. Go back to 20 or 30 laps, and let them race like it was a local Saturday night race. But then they would loose advertising dollars because the race is shorter making...

All Quiet on The NASCAR Front


Slow day today in the realm of NASCAR, but I did find two things of interest to me:1) Jaynelle Ramon posted today on her Blog 'Track Talk' a link to The Associated Press' new Interactive Multimedia...

Speculation Surrounding Bill Elliott and HANS Device Cracked In Crash On Sunday


Bill ElliottWill he or won't he go and drive for Michael Waltrip Racing now that Dale Jarrett has used up all 6 of the Past Champions Provisionals?I have said in the past month or so that Mickey...

Michael Waltrip Racing PersonnelDevelopments


MWR has replaced Dale Jarrett's crew chief Matt Borland with Jason Burdett. Apparently Borland has turned down an offer by MWR to become the team's technical director.   Borland came to MWR...

Dale Jarrett's Streak Is Now Over


It ended at 424. That's right, 424 consecutive starts until this past weekend. Jarrett did not make the field for the race a Richmond and was out of Past Champion's Provisionals which would have...

The Top 35 Rule Just Kills The Joy of QualifyingDay


With all the clouds coming in I would have sworn Boris Said was racing at Martinsville this weekend, but they did manage to get qualifying in so I guess ol' Boris wasn't around after all.Jeff...

Better Check My Power Source Next Time


What happens when you go away for a few days, bring the laptop with you, and forget the power source for said laptop? You run out of power and can't do anything computer related. Duh. We...

The All-Star Race Commentary (Finally)


Whew, what a tremendously busy weekend.   Anyway, here is a breakdown of what I thought of the All-Star race.   The Burn Out Contest - good idea, poorly executed - too many rules - Jimmie...



That is what I have for Dale Jarrett. Respect. It never used to be that way, maybe because I was an Earnhardt fan ... I don't know. What I do know now is that I have respect for the man and...

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