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Shanoff's WUC: All-Stars, Papi, Wall, Tebow


Today's Calls: American League vs. National League, David Price vs. Ubaldo Jimenez, Big Papi vs. the Home Run Derby, Final Four vs. "First Four," NCAA vs. Facebook, Udonis Haslem vs. Derek Fisher,...

Shanoff's WUC: What Else Does Octopus Know?


Today's Calls: Paul the Octopus vs. Everything Else, Spain vs. History, Andres Iniesta vs. Diego Forlan, Jesse Jackson vs. Dan Gilbert, Pat Riley vs. Mark Cuban, Udonis Haslem vs. Derek Fisher,...

Shanoff's WUC: LeBron's Choice? Rings > Home


Today's Calls: LeBron James vs. Dan Gilbert, the Heat vs. the NBA, Spain vs. Netherlands, Joey Votto vs. Kevin Youkilis, Nick Swisher vs. Twitter, Michael Beasley vs. DeMarcus Cousins, David Lee...

Shanoff's WUC: Knicks Lose Zero-Sum Game


Today's Calls: LeBron vs. NBA Free Agency, Knicks vs. Oblivion, Nets vs. Promise, Paul Pierce vs. the Celtics, David Villa vs. Lionel Messi, Yankees vs. Cliff Lee, Red Sox vs. Rays, Albert Pujols...

Shanoff's WUC: U.S. Soccer, NBA Draft, Ubaldo!


Today's Calls: U.S. vs. Algeria, England vs. Slovenia, DeMarcus Cousins vs. NBA GMs, Wes Johnson vs. Derrick Favors, Chris Paul vs. the Magic, Ubaldo Jimenez vs. the Red Sox, Stephen Strasburg vs....

Shanoff's WUC: AL East, World Cup, CP3-Bron?


Today's Calls: Yankees vs. Red Sox. vs. Rays, Derrick Favors vs. DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Paul vs. LeBron James, Mexico vs. Uruguay, France vs. Oblivion, D-backs vs. A.J. Burnett, Steve Smith vs....

Shanoff's WUC: Cup Screw-Up? Could Be Worse


Today's Calls: U.S. Soccer vs. Refs, Brazil vs. Cote D'Ivoire, France vs. Implosion, Graeme McDowell vs. Dustin Johnson, LeBron vs. the Knicks, Yankees vs. AL East, Carl Pavano vs. Roy Halladay,...

Shanoff's WUC: Big 12, NBA Game 6, World Cup


Today's Calls: Texas vs. the Big 12, Lakers vs. Celtics, Tim Howard vs. Slovenia, Tom Izzo vs. Decision-Making, FIFA vs. Vuvuzela-haters, Stephen Strasburg vs. Awards, Derrick Favors vs. DeMarcus...

Shanoff's WUC: NYC's Super Bowl, Suns Bench


Today's Calls: Super Bowl vs. New York, Suns' bench strength vs. Suns' zone defense, Phil Jackson vs. Mikhail Prokhorov, Erin Andrews vs. Nicole Scherzinger, Celtics vs. Magic, Rays vs. Umps,...

Shanoff's WUC: Magic, P-Jax, SCOTUS, Red Sox


Today's Calls: Phil Jackson vs. Chicago, Magic vs. Celtics, Suns vs. Lakers, NFL vs. Supreme Court, Rays vs. Red Sox, Stephen Strasburg vs. Roy Oswalt, Pat Burrell vs. Betty White, Tiger vs....

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