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Shanoff's WUC: Your Final Wake-Up Call


Today's Calls: Wake-Up Call vs. Snooze Button, Chris Johnson vs. the Titans, Florida vs. NCAA, Miguel Cabrera vs. Josh Hamilton, Ubaldo vs. the Marlins, Rich Cho vs. Sam Presti, John Wall vs. Evan...

Shanoff's WUC: Even MJ Says LeBron Is No MJ


Today's Calls: LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade vs. New York City, Tiger vs. Louis Oosthuizen, Brad Miller vs. the Lakers, John Wall vs. Vegas Summer League, Tim McCarver vs. Yankees...

Shanoff's WUC: Taking a Wrigley Field Trip


Today's Calls: Wrigley Field vs. the Phillies, Stephen Strasburg vs. the Marlins, John Wall vs. Penny Hardaway, UNC vs. the NCAA, the Big Ten vs. Lambeau Field, Michigan State vs. Michigan, Golden...

Shanoff's WUC: 2nd Half of the Sports Year


Today's Calls: Normal Sports Day vs. Slowest Sports Day of the Year, Yankees vs. Red Sox vs. Rays, Shaq vs. Broadway, Bobby Johnson vs. Vanderbilt, NFL Supplemental Draft vs. Hunh?, MLB All-Star...

Shanoff's WUC: The Boss Was About The Ws


Today's Calls: George Steinbrenner vs. "The Boss," NL vs. Home-Field Advantage, Al Jefferson vs. David Kahn, John Wall vs. DeMarcus Cousins, Dan Gilbert vs. Cavs fans, Andrew Luck vs. Jake Locker,...

Shanoff's WUC: LeBron to Heat? We'll See ...


Today's Calls: LeBron vs. The Decision, Heat vs. Jubilation, Dwyane Wade vs. Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer vs. the Bulls, Kevin Durant vs. the Thunder, Josh Johnson vs. Ubaldo Jimenez, Joey Votto vs....

Shanoff's WUC: LeBron Drama To End Fittingly


Today's Calls: LeBron vs. Thursday night, Chris Bosh vs. Cleveland, Holland vs. World Cup Finals, Spain vs. Germany, Rockies vs. 9 Runs in the 9th, Mariano Rivera vs. Stephen Strasburg, Joey Votto...

Shanoff's WUC: Just Make a Decision, LeBron


Today's Calls: LeBron vs. the Inevitable, Dwyane Wade vs. Chicago, Amar'e vs. Broadway, Joey Votto vs. the MLB All-Star Game, Netherlands vs. Uruguay, Dunga vs. Maradona, JaMarcus Russell vs. Tim...

Shanoff's WUC: Nothing As "July 4" As LeBron


Today's Calls: LeBron vs. Free Agency, Knicks vs. Nets, Rudy Gay vs. Memphis Grizzlies, Phil Jackson vs. (another) three-peat, All-Star Voting vs. All-Star Reality, AJ Hinch and Josh Byrnes vs. the...

Shanoff's WUC: Why LeBron Should Go To Miami


Today's Calls: LeBron James vs. Dwyane Wade, Stephen Strasburg vs. Expectations, Spain vs. Portugal, Netherlands vs. Brazil, Adrian Peterson vs. the Vikings, South Carolina vs. CWS, Sepp Blatter...

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