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Stern says Andersen should have been ejected

The NBA commissioner seems to disagree with how the refs handled the situation.

Stern on Kings staying, expansion and more

NBA commissioner David Stern has no plans on expanding the league to add in a new basketball team in Seattle. Stern also addressed the decision by the Relocation Committee to keep the Kings in Sacramento.

20 Questions About The End Of The NBA Lockout

The NBA lockout is over, but questions remain. In fact, there are 20 questions that we must answer right now, because failing to do so will leave holes in our hearts where Vince Carter used to live.

NBA Lockout Talks Keep On Plugging, And We Keep On Waiting

The next time someone complains about how boring the regular season can be, remind them of the NBA lockout. Also: why the players are fighting so hard against limits on the use of the mid-level exception.

In NBA Lockout, David Stern Negotiates Like Godzilla: Torch First, Ask Questions Later

As NBA lockout drama continues, David Stern again sets an unreasonable demand that has no purpose but to make everyone anger and sets the talks aflame.

NBA Lockout Has Made David Stern A Parody Of Himself

Every time David Stern opens his mouth to talk about the NBA lockout these days, the laugh-o-meter gets pegged ... until you consider the damage the commish is doing to the game.

Lockout Life: Losing The NBA Sounds Bad, But Look On The Bright Side

The NBA lockout hit a stalemate on Tuesday, and while David Stern explained both sides' disagreements, the NBA Players Association is preparing players to sit out half the season. At least. There has to be a silver lining in all this, right?

In NBA Lockout, Is It Up To David Stern Or Players To Budge?

To get the NBA lockout resolved, someone going to start needing to make concessions, and fast. Is it up to David Stern or the players to start that process?

NBA Lockout Presents Double-Edged P.R. Battle For David Stern, League

David Stern and the owners face an impossible dilemma in the NBA lockout: how do you crush a union made up of stars you depend on completely? The P.R. ramifications from the 1998-99 lockout still haunt the NBA, something not lost on Stern but seemingly unsolvable nonetheless.

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