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Matador Can't Dodge Fine For Bailing On Bullfight


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵22-year-old Mexican matador Christian Hernandez was gored in the leg by a bull a few months ago. That's a grisly injury, but I suppose things could be worse. He could be (WARNING:...

Fainting Deadlift Guy Gets His 15 Minutes


I first heard about the wonders of Fainting Deadlift Guy on With Leather earlier this month. Then, Wednesday night, he returned to my life on my TV thanks to Comedy Central's Tosh.0. ↵(Some NSFW...

Proposed All-White Basketball League Claims It's Not About Race


Every so often a news item comes along so absurd that you must shake your fists at our nation's fiction and satire writers for not preparing us for something so plainly outlandish and...

A Gatorade Bath Might've Been Less Concussive


An unknown team in an unidentifiable land exults in their sporting victory by tossing a trophy about. Just remember that the coach may not have as great hands as you do. Oops. You already knocked...

Barry Zito Serenades You For the Weekend


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵No weekend blog again this weekend, so instead I leave you with a gift that will keep on giving this weekend. Barry Zito's "A Man's Gotta Do What A Man's Gotta Do" is a classic for...

Mount Failmore: Worst. Coaches. Ever.


↵Sporting News ran its 50 greatest coaches list on Wednesday. There was more than a little debate on the topic -- not just on SN, but other sites as well. But that was all too lovey dovey for...

I Played Villareal, Lost 27-0, and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt


Imagine my surprise when my rec league team soccer team showed up to our vaguely grassy, sprinkler-head-infested half-size field to play seven-on-seven and saw Giuseppe Rossi, Jozy Altidore and the...

NY Post Tops Its Indecency with a Side of Stupidity in Erin Andrews Coverage


The New York Post posted screencaps from the Erin Andrews peephole ↵video today. Don't be shocked, because you shouldn't be. They would ↵also post pictures of me throwing a kitten into a wood...

Marketing Fail: KKK Promotes All White Night


Remember this, team presidents and owners of the universe: Always know what your marketing department is doing. Oh, don't get in the way -- you bought the team because you have money, not because...

And the Award for Excellence in Comedic Timing Goes to MLB Network's Matt Vasgersian


I’ve professed my undying love affair with MLB Network in this space before, so I won’t make you all jealous by going into detail about how well our relationship is blossoming. (It still tells me...

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