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Living the Dream: The Eddy Carmona Story

Living the American Dream for a very special kicker from Monterrey, Mexico. Eddy Carmona hopes to be the next big legged kicker to come from Mexico. Carmona signed a contract with the Oakland Raiders, and he is hoping to impress the Raiders staff. He loves the sport and hopes he can make an impact on the field soon.

This Is The Best Election Ever

Check out the ballot for the FIFA presidential elections!

FIFA's Answer To Getting Calls Wrong Is To Hide Them From Everyone In Attendance

The referees hired by FIFA have not had what one might say is a stellar World Cup. In fact, some of the calls have been downright atrocious. So, what's FIFA's official response on how to deal with...

Referee for USA-England World Cup Match is "A Crook, A Scoundrel"

The World Cup is not without its gamesmanship, both on the pitch and in the media, so perhaps the placement of this story by Dominic Fifield of The Guardian is nothing more than a pre-emptive...

World Cupdate: Fans Injured in Stampede, And the Madness of Maradona

The last thing this World Cup needed was a stampede. Alas, it got one. Before a friendly between Nigeria and North Korea, all hell broke loose, and 15 people were trampled, including two children. I...

FIFA Very Concerned About African Stimulant Plants

We’re about four months out from the start of the World Cup, so let's hope this isn't the start of a run on stories about how terrible South Africa will be as a host nation, and instead is...

Somehow, U.S. Soccer Advances in Confederations Cup

Team USA was, for all intents and purposes, on its way out of South Africa's Confederations Cup as of three hours ago. It had basically slept through matches with Brazil and Italy, sporting an 0-2...

Peru's National Soccer Team Just Going to Sit this One Out, Thanks

↵ ↵Among the union's complaints was the Federation's insistence on new, controversial "crotchball" rules. ↵ ↵ ↵It's easy for we Americans to boast of civic pride when...

World Cup Preparations Going Well. Badly. Whatever.

The total costs for the South African World Cup, here at this present moment with 500 days to go until the tourney? Already four times the initial estimates and hovering somewhere around $1.2...

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