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This Dude Takes Beer Pong Much More Seriously Than Any of Your Frat Bros Ever Did


There's a decent chance I'm better than you at beer pong. No, that’s not me bragging -- the contrary, in fact. I’m probably better than you because I was an undergrad for an extra three years,...

Hair-Pulling Doesn't Win Over NHL Fight Fans


As I noted earlier today at FanHouse, March is my least favorite month of the NHL season. Then again, the month's final weekend proved to be awfully active when it came to exciting on-ice...

Warning: Do Not Try to Kiss Zach Randolph


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵That was Zach Randolph giving Louis Amundson a taste of his left hook. It was decent form, although Randolph clearly didn’t get the extension he needed to really knock Amundson out...

Tennis: Now With Added Serb-Bosnian Violence


You know what's missing from the Australian Open? Lame chair-throwing with just a hint of genocide, that's what. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵What you're looking at there are Serbian and Bosnian tennis fans...

Lax Looks Like Hockey, But With Less Ice, Skill


Here’s how to build interest in a sport that’s lacking eyeballs: add one part bone-jarring hits, one part bare-knuckle fisticuffs, and three parts slow motion replays of both. Blend. Post on...

Watch Your Back (and More) Around Sid Crosby


From Puck Daddy by way of FanHouse do we get this lovely video detailing the competitive spirit and take-no-prisoners attitude of the ultimate winner, Sidney Crosby. Just keep your eye on the Kid....

This Shall Be Settled Over Tea and Crumpets


↵ ↵Forsooth, sir! Such fooferaw and impudence belongs but to the rabble scrounging for bread in the streets, not among the gentleman of the links! ↵ ↵When Steve Williams said he "hated"...

Teeth Must Be Banned at Sporting Events


↵We can't fly with mouthwash, travel internationally with a Cat Stevens record or bring a wire hanger to an NFL game. So why are you allowed to bring your teeth to a Long Island high school...

MMA Can Be Detrimental to Leg Bones


John McCain once said that MMA is “human cockfighting.” After seeing video of what happened in last night’s UFC fight, I can say with complete confidence that roosters everywhere are insulted to be...

LSU-Bama Game Leads to Trash Talk, Homicide


Just in the past couple weeks alone we’ve had two examples of trash talking amongst SEC fans ending less than favorable. Two weeks ago, there was the white fan who left a noose for his black...

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