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Print Is Dead: Georgia Re-Prints 14,000 Media Guides After AD Resignation


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵If you've ever worked in a college sports information office you know that the most daunting and time-consuming project of the year is the football media guide. Unless you've done...

Georgia Enters SEC East Arrest Report Race, Two Dawgs Arrested, Suspended


Update, 7:45 p.m. Sunday: Mark Richt has suspended both arrested players indefinitely, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.Thursday night, Tennessee had "seven to 10" players involved in a bar...

Georgia's Jordan Love Has Set An Unassailable Record For Pettiest Arrest


↵Georgia has a reputation for running up a few points in the Fulmer Cup—which tracks and scores the offseason malfeasances of college football programs—every summer on an array of piddling...

Lurid Details Emerge in Georgia AD's DUI Arrest


↵ ↵UPDATE: Georgia president Michael Adams made the announcement Monday that Evans resigned his post as the university's athletic director. ↵ ↵ ↵Damon Evans has had a very bad week in...

Georgia AD Couldn't Take His Own Advice


DUI arrests are always regrettable and stupid. And much like Darryl Strawberry's "Say No To Drugs" shirt, serving as a celebrity in a PSA against the offense you're eventually arrested for...

Not Everyone Is Inspired By Georgia's Recruitment "Dream"


↵ ↵Coming off a middling 2009 college football season, the Georgia Bulldogs needed a recruiting gimmick to court the current crop of the state's more than 200 rising high school seniors...

Spring Gleaning: Florida Will Soar, Yates Still UNC's Chief Concern


A review of college football spring games.Florida's biggest problem last fall was a lack of production from the deep passing game. Blame it on Tim Tebow's difficulties in seeing open receivers down...

Revisiting the Bizarre Georgia Football/Taxi Story


UPDATE: Georgia's Dontavious Jackson was the heroic peacemaker in this incident, according to multiple reports. ↵ ↵Last week's fearful April Fools’ Day post about some bratwurst-possessing taxi...

UPDATE: UGA Football Player Was Reportedly Peacemaker in Taxi Incident


↵ ↵APRIL 5 UPDATE: Late today police are saying the following regarding the taxi incident, via the AJC: ↵ ↵ ↵⇥Athens-Clarke County police said this afternoon that University of Georgia...

Michael Adams Is The Worst Possible Choice To Be The NCAA's President


↵Georgia president Michael Adams is probably most famous for being the nattering busybody who tried to change the name of the World'sLargest Outdoor Cocktail Party, which went about as well as...

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