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Interview w/ Jason Jones about Draft Prospects


Cool little interview here w/ Jason Jones from The Bee. Nothing new information-wise, but it's cool to hear his opinions outside the context of his reporting at the paper. He says the Kings will go for Cousins, or if he's gone, then Monroe. As for the trade rumors involving Prince and Hedo, he says they're hogwash. The one idea he voiced that I thought was interesting was that he said he wanted the Kings to draft Cousins because he has a chippy on-court attitude, and that the only other guy on the Kings with that sort of attitude is Nocioni, who's likely to be traded before the season. I guess he's sort of right. Cisco has a bit of an on-court swagger, Reke to an extent, Omri yeah, Brockman likes to bang... Who else? They're really a bunch of pretty mellow guys. Cousins could definitely be a good emotional spark plug.

The long wait is finally over


Tonight at 830, we can get back to business. The Cleveland Cavaliers will take the floor in the Eastern Conference Finals against Orlando, and it's not a moment too soon. In the last 24 days, the...

It's Orlando. Bring it.


There are two teams in the NBA that have a winning record against the Cleveland Cavaliers this season. Both of them are still alive. I'm fine with that, I want to take them both apart during this...

Fresh legs will be key in the Eastern Finals.....


Top three key players for each team, and their total playoff minutes played..... BOSTON Ray Allen - 442 minutes played Paul Pierce - 437 minutes played Rajon Rondo - 472 minutes played ORLANDO ...

Well-rested and dominating


Heading into the second-round series with Atlanta, a lot was said about the Cavaliers' potential for being rusty. An 8-day layover between games was bound to hurt, and with the Hawks coming off...

Today in Sports History: May 22nd

(LeBron after hitting The Chosen Shot. Photo by Gregory Shamus, Getty Images) 5/22/1963 - Nats move to Philadelphia Not long after the franchise was sold to a group of Philadelphia businessmen,...

Epic Fail


Epic Fail

Agent says Hedo plans to opt out of last year


He's on the move. What do you guys think?

NBA Preview: Orlando Magic


I'm going to preview the other NBA teams a little differently than most previews rock it. You'll see how it works as we go along. Regardless if you dig mine or not, check out the NBA previews that...

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