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Top Free Agents of 2013: A look at SS/FS


That time of year is coming up. The Super Bowl! After the Super Bowl, teams will start cutting players. The free agent signing period is always fun, whether you’re a fan, or an ‘Armchair GM‘ playing the newest edition of Madden. Today we look at the safety position. The Chiefs are well set with Eric Berry at Strong Safety (SS). Backup SS Abram Elam is set to be a free agent in 2013. The Chiefs need to keep depth at the SS position, so offering Elam a new contract, or seeking a free agent will need to be done. http://www.chiefs360.com/2013/01/29/top-free-agents-of-2013-a-look-at-ssfs/#more-1406

How Jairus Byrd catches an interception...


This hit the front page of Reddit, under a post titled "Maddening". Enjoy.

Good Read - Chris Brown's Observations from Rookie Training Camp


Eric Wood is put together real well. The guy is not even in pads yet and he looks like he’d win most battles in the trenches in the NFL. The guy has done well in one-on-ones (no pads mind you) with fellow offensive linemen. The linemen were doing some cut blocks in which they lunge out at an angle, leave their feet and throw their inside arm at the defensive lineman’s thigh. Wood was getting some major air and distance. Just a lot of power in that frame of his. Andy Levitre is more of a technician. He likes to mix it up too, but he doesn’t have the same build as Wood. More squatty and square Levitre holds his own, but is real quick with his hands. Shawn Nelson is very flexible. There have been several times where he’s had to twist behind his body to make a catch. He bends very well. He’s already made a few shoe top catches on the run. Coach Coiner is getting on him about sharpening up a few of his routes, but he’s been real smooth in the pass game. Nic Harris is making a nice transition to LB. He has no problem handling coverage assignments. He’s got a lot of confidence in his ability to adapt mentally and physically to linebacker and this scheme is a perfect fit for a guy that runs as well as he does. Had a nice pass breakup in the morning practice today. Cary Harris looks like he’s hurting. He put on some supportive knee pads today. Didn’t have a chance to ask him if his knees are bugging him, but he’s not running well. He gave up a long touchdown pass today, though he did have a pass breakup in the morning. It just seems like he’s fighting his way through practice. Ellis Lankster hasn’t made any plays, but he runs well and looks like a decent cover man. I don’t know if that means he makes the roster, but he’s held his own here in this camp. Jairus Byrd is a sharp tack. The guy is already directing his other DBs and linebackers somewhat pre-snap during 7-on-7 and team work. It’s clear that he’s on a higher level mentally in understanding the nuances of the game. Be nice if that translates into INTs. Aaron Maybin showed his athleticism during individual position drills. Coach Bob Sanders was doing in pass tip drill, where the player first in line tips the pass and the second defensive linemen intercepts it (or tries to). When Maybin was the second guy on the drill (the interceptor) he leaped up high and simply snatched the ball out of the air with one hand for the INT palming it like a basketball.

Who would you take between these guys in Round 2 of the NFL Draft?


In an earlier post, I wrote about who the Ravens should take in the second round. Well, over at Mocking The Draft, a SB Nation blog dedicated to the draft, all the lead bloggers of SB Nation are...

Who do the Ravens take in the 2nd Round?


Many mock drafts have been written, posted and debated, but how many second rund mock drafts are out there and who do they have the Baltimore Ravens taking in the second round?

Scouting report: Jairus Byrd

Jairus Byrd 6'0, 205 pounds | Oregon | CornerbackStrengths: The first thing you notice about Byrd is his good size for the position. Few cornerbacks can match is size and athleticism. Strong...

Morning Quack Fix: 1.14.09


ATQ Morning Quack: 1.14.09

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