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Mets, Blue Jays to play two in Montreal in 2014

Sacré bleu! The Mets will close out the 2014 spring training schedule with two games against the Blue Jays in Montreal.

A review of all the files on Jeffrey Loria's lapto


Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria has become one of the most reviled figures in American sports. But what is the man really like? What's in his heart? A look inside his computer's Documents folder has...


Yet another outrage

This one belongs to the "I'll slap you and you'll like it" category. Jeffrey Loria and the Miami Marlins are the perps; two long-suffering Marlins' fans are the victims. The dispute: The Marlins...

Dumb Imitates Life


Jose Reyes' intentions can be divined from his reggaeton song? Sounds like journalism to me!

Division-By-Division 2009 Projected Starting Pitching Rankings By WAR: NL East


This is the first in a series of columns projecting the Wins Above Replacement for the 2009 MLB starting rotations, going division-by-division, and using data from the three best, publicly...

[T]he strongest advocates of a salary cap, the ones ranting about salaries in light of the economy,...


[T]he strongest advocates of a salary cap, the ones ranting about salaries in light of the economy, are full of hot air... in the real world, during a time in which the player's slice of the pie has dropped tremendously (a $400 million loss of the pie in 2008 alone, relative to 2003), ticket prices have continued to gone up unabated. Just as expected, savings from limiting the salaries of those mean old players have been filtered directly into the pockets of owners. Owners who cry poverty and get welfare stadiums. Republicans talked about welfare queens 15 years ago, but it would take thousands of so-called queens driving around in taxpayer Cadillacs to match some of the true members of that category. Take Jeff Loria, who pockets revenue-sharing money and then turns around and gets an additional honeypot in the form an apparently imminent fancy-new stadium. If MLB owners were in charge of the TARP funds, the $700 billion would already be completely gone and the sycophantic media, ever-hungry for prestige, quotes, and free pastrami on rye, would blame it on pay raises for local janitorial staff.... The Yankees do spend more money than other teams in MLB, but the differences would be less drastic if the payrolls of many teams had been rising up to the waves of new cash that have entered baseball in recent years. Going by the NFL formula, very generous considering the MLBPA is far more powerful an entity than any other union in sports, the payroll floor for 2009 would almost certainly be in the $100 million range. 58% of league revenue, as the players in NFL get, would be, in baseball, an average team payroll of a hair under $120 million. It's pretty clear that while the Yankees are outspending everyone comfortably, the rest of baseball has just as much to do with the payroll disparity as the Yankees do.... The Steinbrenners aren't anywhere near as rich or as liquid as some other owners in baseball such as Carl Pohlad of the Twins.... Yes, the Yankees got a huge, undeserved payday from the locals for their stadium, like most teams in baseball did, but it's a mitigating factor that they're actually plowing those funds back into the on-field product. And the team never threatened to not compete until they got their sweet check. Perhaps a small difference, but I see it as a good bit more ethical than Kevin McClatchy demanding taxpayer moneys to help the Pirates compete and then turn around and use all the money to fund his failing media empire.

Dan Szymborski
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