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Alabama Vs. LSU Series Has Decided More Than One National Title Already

In 1958, LSU's victory over Alabama and first year head coach Paul Bryant paved the way for the Tiger's National Championship. The two teams didn't meet on the field for another six years but when...

Today in Sports History: December 20th

12/20/2003 - Namath drunk on ESPN Former Jets quarterback Joe Namath embarrasses himself in front of a live television audience. In an ESPN game between the New England Patriots and New York...

Joe Namath Shares His Loosely Connected Thoughts on Life Via YouTube


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵B-Joe, as he introduces himself in this discursive YouTube clip, plans to live to see the ripe old age of 100. Far be it from us to deny him that sort of longevity, but based solely...

Joe Namath: Well Dressed In The Woods


Occasionally, we'll steal an extra special FirstCuts post or two for TSB consumption. This is one such post. Words by David Arnott. ↵ ↵ ↵eBay is full of hidden games, particularly when it...

Today in Sports History: October 14th

10/14/1970 - Namath debuts in C.C. & Company New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath makes his theatrical debut with the release of C.C. & Company, in which Namath starred as a motorcycle rider --...

Today in Sports History: August 9th

(Nixon gives a final salute before leaving the White House for the last time) 8/09/1974 - Richard Nixon resigns In one of the most infamous moments in political history, Richard M. Nixon resigns...

Today in Sports History: May 12th

On this day in sports history, Joe Namath leaves the Jets, Ernie Banks hits No. 500, and Kobe Bryant fires airballs against the Utah Jazz.

11/17/1968 - The Heidi Game


(Daryle Lamonica lines up towards the end of the game. Screenshot from NBC) The year was 1968. A minute and five seconds remained in the fourth quarter between the New York Jets and Oakland...

1/12/1969 - Broadway Joe upsets the Colts

(Namath throws during Super Bowl III. Photo by Walter Iooss Jr., Getty Images) Three days before the kickoff of Super Bowl III, Jets quarterback Joe Namath was accepting the AFL MVP at a Miami...

Today in Sports History: January 2nd

Joe Namath signs (then) the largest contract in pro sports history, while the Dolphins and Chargers play an epic game in the Orange Bowl.

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