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Jordan Danks' 1st Career Homer Beats A's


With the score 3-3, Oakland A's right-hander Pat Neshek came on to pitch the bottom of the ninth against the White Sox. A's Broadcaster Ray Fosse said of Neshek, "He has pitched spectacular...

THT: Breaking Down the Draft: Jordan Danks


When you look at Danks as a whole: the length, the projection, the speed, the defense, the plate discipline, the power potential, and the propensity to strike out--one player that comes to mind is Rockies center fielder Dexter Fowler. The difference is that Fowler has officially broken out and has turned potential power into actual power production. Fowler's overall swing looks better and he's a better runner, but much of the same tools possessed by Fowler are also possessed by Danks. However, even if Fowler didn't develop any power, he would still make for a pretty good ball player because of the others things he brings to the table, specifically his defense and patience at the plate. So while the hope is that Danks will at some point develop power, he doesn't necessarily need it to be good ball player at the professional level.

Profiling the Prospects


It's easy for Sox fans to point to the Lance Broadway pick and mark the '05 draft as a failure, but a closer inspection reveals a number of players who could be classified as Top Prospects despite...

Could Jordan Danks be returning?


Jordan Danks still hasn't signed with the White Sox and has until 11 PM on Friday to do so. Apparently Danks, a 7th round pick, is asking for close to 2nd round money. According to his father, "I'm just not going to put Jordan on a bus because (the White Sox) throw out a number. We can send him to a first-class university with a first-class facility." His return would be HUGE for a baseball team that we think should be back in Omaha in '09. Of course this could all just be posturing on the Danks' part, and the smart money would still be on Danks signing.

Draft pick update


From ChicagoSports.com: Texas junior outfielder Jordan Danks, the Sox's seventh-round pick in the amateur draft, took batting practice in front of several high-ranking executives. The 6-foot-5-inch Danks, younger brother of Sox pitcher John Danks, relished taking batting practice with Paul Konerko four hours before Tuesday night's win over Cleveland. Danks was selected in the 19th round by the Sox in 2005 but elected to attend Texas. He is three semesters short of graduating. "I feel a lot more comfortable now," Danks said. "I got some schooling [and three years of college baseball] under my belt. I have all this to start my pro career and get rolling with that and hopefully make it up here as soon as possible." Danks is confident he will sign before the Aug. 15 deadline. Meanwhile, the Sox plan to take another shot at Kyle Long, a 6-8, 285-pound left-hander they drafted in the 23rd round out of St. Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, Va. Within the next 10 days, the Sox plan to visit Long, the son of Hall of Fame defensive end Howie Long. He throws in the mid-90 m.p.h. range and has committed to play at Florida State.

White Sox's negotiations slow with Jordan Danks


Negotiations between the White Sox and John Danks' younger brother Jordan could last deep into the summer, but their father is hopeful an agreement can be reached before the Aug. 15 deadline. "We won't know what's going to happen for a while," John B. Danks said Tuesday. "But Jordan is very excited to be drafted again by the White Sox.

Danks Brothers Ditch Boras


The White Sox just completed their 4th perfect homestand in team history--Did I hear that right?--about which I'm sure I'll write at some point before I call it a night, but for right now I'd like...

Danks' Brothers Drop Boras


John and Jordan Danks have switched representatives, two sources confirmed.

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