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Branding The Olympics: Part 1, Nike


Occasionally, we'll steal an extra special FirstCuts post or two for TSB consumption. This is one such post. ↵ ↵ ↵The Olympic Games are about the athletes, but the athletes don't do it...

FirstCuts: Nike Zoom LeBron VI Unveiled


LeBron James was past his bum ankle and back practicing with Team USA in Macau on Monday. Although he rolled his ankle in the Nike Zoom Soldier II when he stepped on Kevin Durant’s foot, a new shoe...

FirstCuts: Nike Pulls Three Hyperdunk Ads


↵ ↵Last week, with some people worked up over a series of Nike ads, we posed the question: Are these Nike ads homophobic? Nike listened to those offended by the ads and has pulled three of the...

FirstCuts: Nike Hyperdunk Arrives to the Masses


Rich "MaZe" Lopez ↵is the founder and editor-in-chief of KixAndTheCity.com. Lopez will ↵keep your feet fresh every weekend with the latest release info. E-mail ↵him at info@kixandthecity.com. ...

FirstCuts: Derrick Rose Signs With adidas


Score one for wild speculation! When Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley bumped heads in their first summer league games, I took a stab in the dark that, if the games were a sign, Rose would land with...

FirstCuts: Did Posh Design Beckham’s Boots?


The MLS All-Stars take on West Ham United tonight in Toronto, a fact you undoubtedly already knew because you’ve all got big punch-and-cake parties planned with your fellow soccer fans here in the...

FirstCuts: Air Jordan Countdown Continues


Rich “MaZe” Lopez from KixAndTheCity.com stops in on a regular basis to let you know what’s coming in the world of kicks. ↵ ↵Saturday, July 19, Jordan Brand is set to release the Air Jordan...

FirstCuts: Nike Air Stab Catches Heat For Name


Just this morning I had a link forwarded to me where a newspaper had done a piece on sneaker collectors, like it was this thing that had just sprung up out of the ground two weeks ago. And look, I...

FirstCuts: All-Star Footwear Not So Hot


Big events can spawn get creativity from shoe companies. This season, I give them all a sweeping grade of epic fail for what's being released around the MLB All-Star Game. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Those...

FirstCuts: The Future of Starbury’s Kicks


Here’s the quick recap: Steve and Barry’s files for bankruptcy and now Stephon Marbury has signed a deal to sell shoes on Amazon.com. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Much like the ill-fated Skybus airline, it...

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