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Offsides: Lane Kiffin, Seantrel Henderson Star in "Free Signee"


↵ ↵Lane Kiffin and USC released highly touted lineman Seantrel Henderson from his letter of intent on Tuesday. With this move, he was released back into the wild for the likes of the...

Derek Dooley And Tennessee Win A Transfer Battle For A Change


↵Derek Dooley's tenure as Tennessee's head coach got off to a weird, unpleasant start when he demanded that transferring offensive lineman Aaron Douglas go to a school at least eight hours away....

The Fan Billboard Crusade Now Targets Lane Kiffin


In recent years, the fan billboard fundraising gimmick has typically been done to achieve a practical aim: to protest an owner or to campaign for a player, coach or general manager to be hired or...

Natalie Gulbis Gets Her Revenge on Lane Kiffin


↵ ↵You may remember that Lane Kiffin, once upon a time, was matched up against Natalie Gulbis in Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive contest. Kiffin would go on to beat Gulbis and Danica Patrick in...

It's Good to Be the Kiffin: USC Deal Reportedly Worth $4 Million Per Year


Update: On Tuesday, ESPN's Bruce Feldman tweets that, according to a source, Kiffin is not making $4 million. "He’s not making close to that," Feldman writes. Original story follows.It's become...

Offsides: Lane Kiffin Running a Tight Ship


↵ ↵From the Associated Press: ↵ ↵ ↵⇥Pete Carroll's practices were infamously fun-packed free-for-alls, but new coach Lane Kiffin says his practices will be more work and less fun than...

The Lane Kiffin-Natalie Gulbis Battle Rages On


↵ ↵We have an update in the most important bracket battle taking place today. No, it isn't in the traditional field of 65. We're talking about the previously mentioned battle between No. 16...

Lane Kiffin Is About To Go All George Mason Up In Here


↵I think Esquire is about to get more than they bargained for with ↵this little joke they stuck in their otherwise dime-a-dozen March ↵Madness 64-team bracket of random items. Since they're...

Offsides: How UCLA and USC Pick Recruits


Lane Kiffin continues to fan the flames in the UCLA-USC rivalry: ↵ ↵⇥"We know within the first 10 minutes," Kiffin said in a report by the Orange County Register, "whether they're the type of...

Vols Fans Want to Name a Building for Lane Kiffin, Specifically a Sewage Center


Between the song, the newly released info about a crashed loaner Lexus, the "rioting" and now this, I think it's fair to say that Vols fans (rightfully) feel more than a little burned by Lane...

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