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Study Hall Staff Reading Recs

Your Football Study Hall editorial staff offers a number of reading recommendations to help fill the coming football free summer months.

Practice: Day Five


The first day in full pads. Finally. Mack Brown goes full cliche on his blog and quotes both Joe Jamail and Zig Ziglar. He's clearly aiming for srr50's demographic and is probably kicking himself...

Phil Fulmer is the new Lloyd Carr


Well, not really new. They've always been the same coach. Recruit well yet still consistently lose to biggest rival. Continually make boneheaded coaching decisions yet somehow win a national...

Be careful what you wish for...A review of Coaching Hires from 2002


I have been as guilty as anyone in getting frustrated with Mack Brown over the course of his 10-year tenure. I’ve even called for his head at several points. I want to say right now that I think...

No Dog In The Fight: How To Choose Sides In A Rivalry Game - Ohio St/Michigan


Nothing arouses passion like the the rivalry game. The backyard brawl, the battle for bragging rights, the border war tussle. Even a fan with no dog in the fight can feel the tension...and their...

You must be 42 inches tall to ride the Coaching Carousel -- that means you, HenryJames


As the college season makes the turn for the home stretch, it is clearly time to start talking about who gets whacked -- particularly given this weekend's Battle of the Buyouts in Lincoln. This...

Tommy Bowden talks shit, still sucks


Tommy Bowden was unhappy with the questioning he received after beating Furman last Saturday. Furman actually outplayed Clemson in a couple of areas, and reporters wanted to know what Bowden...

Games I'll watch this weekend


Tennessee at Florida Remember when Phil Fulmer was thought to be a great head coach? He went 45-5 from '95-'98 and won a national championship. Rocky Top! He then proceeded to lose 30 games over...

Lloyd Carr give his 'Checkers' speech


Michigan coach Lloyd Carr has to be done at the end of the year. Has to be. How else can one explain his rambling press conference after the loss to Oregon? Carr's granddaughter goes to school with...

Lloyd Carr retirement watch


Las Vegas has the odds at 3-2 for a press conference being scheduled for November 18th. Invitees will include members of the press, Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel and various dual threat...

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