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Weekend Wake Up: Celts First Stumble, Psycho T's First Action and Manny's 18th Season


↵ ↵James Makes Most of NYC Showcase. LeBron scored 33 in his last trip to Madison Square Garden in regular season NBA action before the free agency sweepstakes begin next year. The Celts...

In Reply: Why They Shouldn't Release The List


Chris Littmann adeptly explained why The List should be released to the public so baseball can take its black eye all at once, and not every few weeks when yet another of the more than 100 players...

Oh, Don’t Worry Manny. Take Your Time. We’ll Just Hold Up the Entire Game for You.


Here’s the thing about Manny Ramirez: He can be really freaking annoying. I used to love his “Manny being Manny” shenanigans, mostly because it pissed off the Red Sox, which made me happy, but what...

Manny Endorses TSB's Favre-Manny Trade Idea


In some sort of whimsical haze from the weekend, our own Dan Shanoff suggested in Monday’s Wake-Up Call that the Packers trade Brett Favre to Boston for Manny Ramirez. Straight up. During last...

Wild Speculation: Manny Ramirez


Welcome to "Wild Speculation." Over the next three days leading up to the MLB trade deadline, SN's David Arnott will use this space to speculate over possible deals. And do so wildly. ↵ ↵Let's...

Today in Sports History: July 31st

(Garnett, Pierce, and Allen. Photo courtesy of Walter Looss Jr.) 7/31/1990 - Ryan gets to 300 With a win over the Milwaukee Brewers, Nolan Ryan becomes the first and only pitcher to reach 300 wins...

Today in Sports History: May 31st

It is a mammoth day in the history of sports. Find out why after the jump.

Today in Sports History: March 4th

On this day in sports history, Hank Gathers passes away on the basketball court.

Today in Sports History: May 7th

It is an epic day in sports history! On T.D.I.S.H., Reggie Miller defeats the Knicks with 8 points in 9 seconds, Michael Jordan hits "The Shot", Herb Score gets hit with a line drive, The Denver Nuggets upset the Seattle Sonics, Nick Anderson steals the ball from a recently-un-retired Michael Jordan, and Manny Ramirez gets suspended.

Today in Sports History: July 1st

Mike Schmidt wears a wig, Jeter dives into the stands, Matthews makes an incredible catch, and the NBA strike lockout begins anew. Oh, and then there's LeBron.

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