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Mark Cuban Won't Be Buying An MLB Team, And Likely Never Will

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who's been rebuffed in his efforts to buy the Cubs and the Rangers, isn't going after the Mets, the Dodgers, or any other baseball franchise.

Weekend Wake Up: Burnett Inept, Injured, Crash Fuels Feud, Cuban Wants Rangers?


Burned Notice. Yankees fans have been upset with A.J. Burnett all year. He's been streaky, putting together back-to-back scoreless starts just once, and hasn't been good at all since the beginning...

The Long Discussed Sports Betting Hedge Fund Comes to Pass


For years, Mark Cuban has discussed the prospect of starting up his own hedge fund dealing in the sports betting market, saying it would be easier than working the stock market. But restrictions on...

Mark Cuban Says Josh Howard Was Too Hung Over to Play Against His Now Current Team


Newly acquired Wizard Josh Howard bristled at rumors that have swirled in recent days that allege that he missed a January Mavericks game against Washington because he was too hung over to play....

Offsides: Mavs' Close Games Make Cuban Sick


↵ ↵The Mavs needed 41 points from Dirk Nowitzki to beat the Spurs in OT on Wednesday. That came on the heels of a 115-113 OT win against the Bucks on Monday. Mark Cuban probably needs serious...

Mark Cuban Says "I'm Not So Against Steroids" If They're Safe, Makes Sense


Mark Cuban could not own a more aptly named team. I reflect on this fact every time the Dallas Mavericks owner opens his mouth like this:⇥Cuban was asked about [the NBA's steroid policy] Tuesday...

Mark Cuban (Allegedly) Gets His Inside Trade on


The Dallas Mavericks early season struggles are probably the least of Mark Cuban’s worries this morning. The Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the Mavs owner with insider trading. From...

The League Won't Punish Howard for Anthem Comments; Cuban Will Punish Racist E-Mailers


The embattled Mavs star must be breathing a sigh of relief today. ↵According to The ↵Dallas Morning News, the NBA won't be punishing Josh Howard for exercising ↵his freedom of speech, however...

Cuban Would Pay $1.3 Billion For Cubs


↵Via FanHouse, the New York Times slips the bid Mark Cuban has entered in the Cubbies sweepstakes into a story about how Bud Selig already hates Cuban: $1.3 billion. Further, the Grey Lady's...

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