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Conference Expansion Catch-Up: A&M to SEC? Texas Staying Put? Memphis FedExed?


↵The maelstrom that is the current college football landscape has at least seemed to slow down today. So let's catch up.↵What's Done is Done. It's worth noting again: In 2011, Colorado will...

Where Will Memphis Land In Conference Shuffling?


When the last round of conference realignment went down, Memphis was the child left behind. Many of their Conference USA cohorts bolted for the Big East and the ACC made its own additions from the...

Floor Burns: Funny Valentines


↵ ↵This one anomalous year of college basketball certainly seems like at least a temporary changing of the guard. ↵ ↵ ↵Consider that North Carolina, Connecticut, Florida, UCLA and...

January 20: The Night the Streaks Died


Although I spent much of Wednesday night marveling at the NBA, as a college hoops fan I can't help but take note of a few streaks that fell. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Memphis is far and away the most...

At Least One School Is Super Enthusiastic About Big Ten Expansion


↵The blogosphere has been thrown into a speculative tizzy by the Big Ten's recent ↵announcement that they'll take a look at expanding over the next 18 ↵months. Realignment is always good for...

There Is Truth in Tommy West's Rant


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵In my daily travels through the web, I came across this headline from The Wiz: "Tommy West Is a Bitter Man." I watched the video, which is the one you see above -- Tommy West's exit...

Memphis' Pierre Henderson-Niles Ready to Break Out His Skinny Jeans


How one can be fat playing high-major Division I basketball is beyond me. These guys run. And they run. Then, for fun, they run some more. It's sort of like seeing a flabby world-class soccer...

Despite What NCAA Says, Memphis Was Part of the 2008 Final Four


I feel certain that what I experienced in San Antonio during the 2008 Final Four was not a hallucination. I watched Memphis in the Final Four. I even rode around in one of those boats along the...

College Basketball is Filthy, John Calipari is Charmed, and Other Obvious Statements


A brief recap before we begin: according to the NCAA, the Memphis Tigers' basketball team used a player who had someone else take his SAT for him in the 2007-2008 season. Through an act of logical...

Pastner Proves How Easy it Is to Be a Prodigy


Jason King at Y! Sports has a profile of Memphis’ new, 31-year-old coach which basically lays out all the ways in which Josh Pastner is more impressive than you. ↵ ↵He made his first...

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