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Tyson gives thoughts on Pacquiao vs. Marquez

Mike Tyson offers his thoughts on Manny Pacquiao's fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

Mike Tyson is Dancing With the Italians


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Italians have some of the most ridiculous television in the Western Hemisphere. If it weren't for the Japanese, they'd have a shot at the worldwide title. Alas, they have to settle...

Tyson and Holyfield to Meet on Oprah


↵ ↵This thing is getting out of control. ↵ ↵ ↵Clearly buoyed by the ratings and the attention Mike Tyson's appearance ↵on Oprah garnered on Monday, it's been announced that on Friday...

Tyson on Oprah: Running from the Devil


↵ ↵The shrinks tell us that it is all about our childhoods, all the pain and fear and misplaced yearning that haunts our days and that we simply can't understand, no matter how hard we try....

Mike Tyson to Pen Scariest Book Ever Written


I've read terrifying books: The Coming Plague by Laurie Garrett, World War Z by Max Brooks, I Can't Stop Killing: The Unauthorized Biography of Elmo ... there are some real nightmare-starters in...

Just How Bad Is Mike Tyson?


↵Man you have to hand it to Mike Tyson. In the world of boxing, where everyone is hustling, everyone is tough, everyone is straight-up bad to the bone baby, Tyson still managed to distinguish...

FirstCuts: Sports Films Make Debut at Cannes


A new Mike Tyson documentary (creatively titled “Tyson”) is making waves at Cannes, and now appears headed for one of the most high-profile deals at this year’s festival, with Sony currently in...

FirstCuts: EA Sports Bringing Back Mike Tyson


Thanks to the friendly folks down the hall at SportsBusiness Daily, there is much rejoicing in video game land. For the first time in years, Mike Tyson is coming back to your gaming console. ↵ ...

Tyson in Repose


As a guy who’s had his fair share of laughs at the expense of Mike Tyson’s furious brand of berserkitude over the years, I feel the need to comment on his recent appearance on “E60”, the new 60...

6/11/2005 - The end of Kid Dynamite

In the final bout of his life, Mike Tyson falls to an Irishman that he had described as a "tomato can."

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