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Kobe confident Lakers will make the playoffs

The Los Angeles Lakers are 3.5 games out of the playoffs, but Kobe Bryant has "zero nervousness" and is confident the Lakers will make it there.

NBA Playoffs 2012: Where Steve Novak Is Key In Knicks' Struggles Vs. Heat

The New York Knicks have fallen into a three-game deficit against the Miami Heat and, surprisingly, it might be due to Miami's ability to bottle up Steve Novak. The 2012 NBA Playoffs are a funny thing.

Enormous Consequences: Utah Jazz, Houston Rockets Hoping To Make Moves

The NBA Playoff picture could be cleared up on Wednesday night if the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns both suffer losses, hence the "enormous consequences."

Enormous Consequences: Knicks And Bucks Play For A Lot Of The Marbles

A look at Wednesday night's games with enormous consequences as far as the 2012 NBA Playoff picture is concerned.

Enormous Consequences: Suns, Nuggets And Bucks All Fighting For Playoff Spots

The 2012 NBA Playoffs are still off in the distance, but quite a few teams will be fighting for playoff positioning on Friday night.

Los Angeles Can't Afford A Parade or Anything... But They're Soooo Fun

↵ ↵The state of California is in a catastrophic amount of debt right now. Tens of billions of dollars. That's, y'know, 11 digits (and you're worried about that $600 on your Sears...

New Stupid Journalistic Meme Discovered: "Would You Shake Hands After You Lost?"

One of the most insipid aspects of LeBron James' post-Game 6 refusal to acknowledge anyone or anything has been the long-term media reaction to it. ↵ ↵Maybe it's the fact that LeBron...

LeBron Runs Cleveland News Anchors Through Full Spectrum of Emotions

Kudos to Bill Simmons for finding this: it's footage of a Cleveland local news crew trying (and failing) to conduct a broadcast during the waning moments of Friday night's Cleveland-Orlando game...

Pardon Orlando If They Feel A Bit Cheated

That was one hell of a game last night, wasn't it? If you haven't read Shoals' recap, do so. ↵ ↵One element of the game that seems to have been pushed aside by the...

Appreciating Davis for More Than Just His BBBB

Today, Big Baby is a man. Actually, scratch that: Throughout the playoffs, Davis has shown that he's no longer a joke, and that paired with Perkins, makes for quite a one-two punch down low. But...

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