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Does College Football Without Cheerleaders or a Marching Band Sound as Sweet? Let's Find Out


Give Florida International University some credit; for what's essentially a startup D-I program, they haven't been afraid to act like the big boys... off the field. After joining I-A football in...

Do Not Drive Your Moped Through A Barricaded Crash Site. Especially If You're Drunk


Oh, Iowa. The program that's becoming famous for all the wrong reasons, namely alcohol-fueled misdemeanors, is at it again. This time, the alleged offender is starting right tackle Kyle Calloway, a...

Urban Meyer Says The Death of the Spread Offense Has Been Greatly Exaggerated


Coaches are control freaks in one direction or another. Jim Caldwell's big accomplishment with the Colts in his short career as head coach has been to make grown men sit in assigned seats. When...

No, Lane Kiffin, You Can't Do That Either


In case you hadn't noticed, this is the year of the Secondary Violation in the SEC, prevalent to the point that they may as well rename the conference the SVC (you can probably guess what that...

Zack Asack Kicked Off Duke; Did He Ever Have a Chance?


Tragic news for Duke football and syndicated television, as the talented Zack Attack was booted from the Blue Devils for the ubiquitous "violation of team rules." Caffeine pill abuse? Could have...

Rose Bowl Going Non-Traditional


No, Utah, you can't have a playoff (not yours). But it appears the Utes' perfect season, culminating in a Sugar Bowl beatdown over Alabama, has caught the BCS' attention in a positive way. To that...

Montana Is a Bit Too Lawless For the NCAA's Tastes


↵ ↵Sure, putting the bottle in Montana's hands may seem unduly unfair to the state, but as anyone who has done both can attest, alcohol rather enhances the gambling experience. ↵ ↵Scene: a...

Kentucky DE Jeremy Jarmon Did A Bad, Bad Thing


↵More like a depress conference! Because he's sad! Hello? Is this thing on? ↵ ↵Kentucky football doesn't have a lot going for it these days, or really any day since Bear Bryant skipped town...

Ron Zook's Perplexing Late Night Dispatches


Black Heart Gold Pants notes some ... interesting tweets from the mobile phone of one Ron Zook, rock 'n' roll coach of Illinois Football. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵These were sent at roughly 2 AM...

Mike Leach Still Wants Crazy 64-Team Playoff


The best website name ever? Besides "http://doihaveswineflu.org/"? Bitterlawyer.com, a website with more reason to complain than ever thanks to the success of law school graduate and Texas Tech...

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