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Ohio State AD Backing Dayton As Opening Round Site, But Does It Make Sense?


As I've learned more about Ohio State AD Gene Smith's (pictured) stance on the NCAA Tournament, I've found myself in agreement with many of his thoughts. Smith heads up the NCAA Tournament...

Report: CBS Almost Paid ESPN to Take the Tourney


In the afterglow of the fact that the NCAA Tournament is only going to 68 teams in a new deal with CBS and Turner comes this strange story from the New York Times regarding what was once...

Will A 96-Team NCAA Tournament Make Less Sense (And Fewer Cents) Long Term?


↵ ↵Eamonn Brennan, in writing about possible flaws in the NCAA's inevitable move to 96 teams, notes a great column on the subject from The Trentonian's Ben Doody. How does Doody see it? As a...

Shanoff's WUC: Don't Overthink Your Bracket


Today's Calls: Kansas '10 vs. UNC '09, Evan Turner vs. Danny Manning, John Wall vs. Whoever, Favorites vs. Cinderellas, Duke vs. Villanova, Syracuse vs. the West, Mid-Majors vs. Majors, Cornell vs....

Floor Burns: Sound and Fury


Floor Burns usually runs on Sundays. Alas, hockey happened.You know what this weekend's games really meant to Kansas, Kentucky, and Syracuse? Nothing. Those three teams are still the best choices...

The NCAA Tournament Will Soon Include Every D-I School


Remember back when you were a kid and you played rec-league sports? The best team got a trophy and a pizza party, but nobody went home empty handed. I was going through a box with all my old sports...

Coach K Now Supports 96-Team NCAA Behemoth: 'That's What I Would Do'


↵ ↵If the NCAA is serious about expanding the NCAA Tournament to a 96-team event, it will help them greatly to hear some people say they like the idea. Especially people with importance and...

March Madness: Over In a Blur


It's fitting that the Daily Tar Heel captured the celebrations in Chapel Hill last night in stop-motion: like March Madness, it's all caught in one hurried frenzy of rushing bodies, flame, and...

Durrell Summers Has the Power In His Hand


There are few more gully methods in which one can give his team a double-digit lead late in a Final Four game that what Durrell Summers did to UConn, and more specifically Stanley Robinson, last...

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