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Laron Scott, Georgia Southern, KR/DB, Pocket sized Ball of Fire

Laron Scott, DB/KR, burned the sidelines up against Alabama this year, and is often forgotten, but why is he always being looked over? Is it his height? SoCon's finest, and Championship award winning KR/DB.

Worth A Pick: Shawn Loiseau, ILB, Merrimack University

Shawn Loiseau of Merrimack College, the ILB has what it takes to compete at the next level. He was invited to play in the East/West Shrine Game in 2012, and was given an invite to the NFL scouting combine. He is excited to be a part of the NFL Draft and is hungry to hear his name selected.

Florida Joins Parade of Schools With Agent Problems


UPDATE: ESPN.com's Joe Schad is reporting Pouncey will issue a denial Tuesday. Schad's sources say the Pounceys have provided phone, bank and credit card statements that do not show large payments....

Here Come the Facebook-Related NCAA Violations


One of the best things about every new medium of communication humanity will invent? College football coaches will find a way to commit NCAA violations with them! The Orlando Sentinel reports that...

Kentucky Basketball Raised Its GPA By a Tenth of a Point: Does It Matter?


We were among the many media outlets to report on Kentucky's basketball team's dismal fall semester GPA. (We found a snarky t-shirt, too.) But Chris Littmann rightfully noted that it probably...

Could NCAA Scholarships Be For Four Years?


You might be thinking "I thought they were already for four years," but they are not. Signing a letter of intent or a financial aid agreement currently entitles you to a maximum of one year's...

New NCAA President Wants To Look At One-And-Done Players In College Hoops


↵ ↵Any time you get a new person in the throne running a big organization like the NCAA, you spend a lot of time feeling out their position on the pressing issues facing the organization....

NCAA's New President A Playoff Sort Of Guy; Will It Matter?


So the NCAA's new president isn't Michael Adams, which is displeasing to Georgia fans but should get a thumbs up from everyone else. The new guy is Washington president Mark Emmert, and he's going...

Michael Adams Is The Worst Possible Choice To Be The NCAA's President


↵Georgia president Michael Adams is probably most famous for being the nattering busybody who tried to change the name of the World'sLargest Outdoor Cocktail Party, which went about as well as...

Never Colorful, Always Awful: Why Standardized NCAA Courts Are a Necessary Evil


The Buffalo News has a story today about the NCAA's procedure in preparing subregional courts for NCAA Tournament action. It's a whole lot of stuff you may already know about why the NCAA covers...

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