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College Football Power Rankings: Alabama Can Have Your QB Ready For The Grill In Minutes

This week's power rankings laments Alabama's slaughterhouse efficiency, compliment's LSU's colorful inhumanity and fondly recalls Franco Zeffirelli.

College Football Power Rankings: Now With Controversial Chuck Rankings

This week's power rankings sees Nick Saban as a Battleship-destroying 50 Cent, celebrates Andrew Luck's versatility and appreciates the genius of Chuck Mangione.

A Commitment To Nick Saban Is An Iron-Clad, One Way Street


Georgia blogger, Doctor Saturday contributor, and general blogosphere bon vivant Doug Gillett's recently completed list of college football's 50 most loathsome people is generally accurate save for...

Offsides: Nick Saban Dances the Night Away


↵ ↵Although Texas rallied to within three points late in the BCS title game, the Longhorns were never able to overcome this interception late in the first half. (Full game recap here.) If only...

Brutal Championship a Fitting End to Worst. Season. Ever.


↵So. That just happened. The player of the year, according to the fans, got knocked out on his first drive and gave way to a true freshman. After raw, throbbing ineptitude lasting most of the...

Offsides: A Monument for Nick Saban


↵ ↵Alabama puts up statues for coaches who win championships. It's a distinction held by Wallace Wade, Frank Thomas, Bear Bryant and Gene Stallings. Even though it isn't high on his priority...

Nick Saban Thanks Powerade in this Prayer


For $4 million, you get a lot of things from your coach. You get 20 ↵hours of constant, focused effort a day. You get endless film study ↵and recruiting so relentless Rick Neuheisel would say...

SEC Media Days: Nick Saban Invasion Pending


I'm at SEC Media Days, an event easily found thanks to the big SUVs clearly marked "SEC" parked in front of the Wynfrey Hotel. The Nissan SUVs are everything you'd expect from college football's...

1/03/2007 - Saban lies his way into 'Bama job

There have been a lot of liars in professional sports throughout the years, but only one man truly epitomizes the word "deception." And that man is Nick Saban. The extent to which Saban lied was so...

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