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Ole Miss Mascot Race Down To Five; Long Live the Land Shark


↵ ↵TSB does not generally engage in political endorsements, but this is no time to sit back and be quiet. Today we call on Ole Miss alums, season-ticket holders and students to do the right...

Here Come the Facebook-Related NCAA Violations


One of the best things about every new medium of communication humanity will invent? College football coaches will find a way to commit NCAA violations with them! The Orlando Sentinel reports that...

Never Fear: Ole Miss's Non-Ackbar Mascot Ideas Are Just As Ridiculous


↵After discontinuing the Colonel Sanders-like Colonel Reb in 2003, Ole Miss is looking for a mascot a little more modern than a plantation owner as part of a wide-ranging effort to seem less...

The Hysterical Ole Miss Mascot Race: Admiral Ackbar, Apathy and Many Miffed Fans


Apparently, when some people at one of the prouder universities in the country look into installing a new mascot to replace a fan favorite that hadn't been used for years, other people get angry....

Sorry Bruce Dickinson, But the Egg Bowl Needs Less Cowbell


↵ ↵Mississippi State took the Egg Bowl back in November and a joyous celebration ensued on the field. Well, joyous for some, but certainly not all: ↵ ↵ ↵⇥STARKVILLE — Authorities have...

This Would Be Crazy, But It Is Houston Nutt We're Talking About


↵Today, this moved from the dodgy realms of Arkansas-based sports talk ↵radio stations willing to say or do anything that makes Houston Nutt look ↵bad to the august realms of an actual...

Offsides: Ole Miss Goes Back to the Future


↵ ↵In case you missed the news on Thursday, the KKK plans to stage a rally on the Ole Miss campus to protest the banning of "From Dixie With Love." Unfortunately, we haven't gone back in time....

Ole Miss 'Dixie' Haters Secret Weapon: The KKK


↵Things have been a little tense about race on Ole Miss's campus since the school was founded. Wright Thompson's ESPN centerpiece on the integration riots and the last great Rebel football team...

When You Think "Infamous Hair Swoosh," You Think Alabama


↵When You Think "Infamous Hair Swoosh," You Think ↵Alabama ↵ ↵ ↵In retrospect, the only thing surprising about this story is that it ↵took until 2009 for some fey bowtie-wearing...

This Week In Schadenfreude: Sept. 28


↵There is much to choose from on a week when Top 10 teams didn't just lose -- they got obliterated. Sometimes not on the scoreboard, but in yardage and overall play, yes. In terms of sheer...

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