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Chicago's Managers Appear to Have the Collective Stability of Chernobyl

The moody or volatile nature of both Chicago baseball managers -- Lou Piniella with the Cubs and Ozzie Guillen with the White Sox -- is nothing new. But it's rare that they both manage to have a...

Freddy Garcia's Jersey is No Place For Your Gum

↵ ↵ ↵ ↵This happened on Wednesday night, but we wanted to let our disgust subside before we forced it on you. When pulling Freddy Garcia in the 7th inning of the White Sox 9-2 win over the...

Guillén Family Values: Openness, Angering the White Sox With Said Openness

Ozzie Guillén has been a Twitter sensation. By nature, he's gregarious, and giving him a filter-free way to tell the world what he wants to say at any hour has been predictably entertaining. But...

Offsides: Ozzie Guillen Joins Twitter and the White Sox Cringe

↵ ↵Guillen, known to be a bit of a loose cannon when talking to reporters, will be able to be completely unfiltered on Twitter. White Sox GM Ken Williams is less-than-thrilled. ↵ ↵ ...

Ozzie Guillen to Put MLB Network Censors to the Test

In what must create the most potential for inappropriate dialogue in a reality show (sports division) since HBO's Hard Knocks stuck a mic in front of Chad Ochocinco last year, the MLB Network has...

Ozzie Guillen Is Not Ready for Some Football

It's been a routine for the Chicago White Sox under Ozzie Guillen: If things go poorly enough for long enough, a Guillen outburst occurs like clockwork. In Saturday's 12-5 loss to the Detroit...

Ozzie Guillen's Secret to American Stardom

Despite winning the World Series just three season ago (or, 97 years more recently than the Cubs), the White Sox still play second fiddle in Chicago. There’s both good and bad with that: When you...

Fallout Over Inanimate Objects Continues

Yesterday, there was a column in the Sun-Times voicing concerns over how “inappropriate” it was to have a couple of blow-up dolls in the White Sox clubhouse. Today, the outrage continues: ↵ ...

Ozzie Guillen Is Still Quite Awesome

Call me old fashioned, but I like my manager’s tirades to be profanity laden and his clubhouse to be borderline sexist, if not misogynistic. Ozzie Guillen managed to pull off both of these feats in...

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