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Ozzie Guillen suspended five games for 'I love Castro' comment. More than 'fag' punishment.

Miami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen got a five-game suspension for singing the praises of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. Miami has a strong Cuban community and many of them are not big fans of...

Miami Marlins Plagued by Lackluster Offense, Shoddy Pitching and Injuries in a Dismal 2012 Season

This article discusses the Miami Marlins' rollercoaster 2012 season. The team has fallen short of expectations because of a weak offense, shoddy pitching, and a boatload of injuries.

Bryce Harper, And His Teammates, Are Awesome

A couple of Bryce Harper's Nationals teammates had some fun with Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen at Harper's expense... and everyone laughed.

The Washington Nationals' Bryce Harper And The Miami Marlins' Ozzie Guillen: Pine Tar "Controversy"

Miami Marlins' manager Ozzie Guillen thought Bryce Harper had too much pine tar on his bat, so the Washington Nationals' outfielder showed him how much he had when he stepped up to the plate the next time...

Musket Rounds: DC Loss, Tragedy in Italy, Marquez Is Awful, And More

Looking to catch up with the New England Revolution and the world of soccer after the weekend? Get it all here in today's Musket Rounds.

Reflections on Ozzie Guillen Controversy

I wrote this from an outsider's perspective: I'm a card-carrying member of Amazin' Avenue who goes to Boston College and is not Cuban-American. Thought you guys might want to read it.

Ozzie Guillen Suspension: Joey Cora, Mariners Former Infielder, Named Marlins Interim Manager

With Ozzie Guillen suspended for five games, Marlins bench coach and former Mariners infielder Joey Cora is named interim manager.

Ozzie Guillen Suspended: Former White Sox Manager Banished For Five Games (PODCAST)

On the SB Nation Chicago Podcast, Ricky O'Donnell and Z.W. Martin discuss the recent firestorm controversy surrounding longtime Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen. Podcasting genius following the jump.

Ozzie Guillen suspended for five games

LOLzzie Guiellen "The Miami Marlins just announced that Ozzie Guillen has been suspended for five games, effective immediately."

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