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Pitt Lineman Sheard Suspended Indefinitely After Assault Arrest


↵ ↵A college defensive lineman can be a lot to handle, even for trained police officers, but it sounds like the cops on hand on Pittsburgh's South Side on Sunday certainly could have been more...

Floor Burns: Wheat From Chaff


↵ ↵The Northwestern Note leads off, because the Wildcats are part of the greater point to be made this week. ↵ ↵ ↵Northwestern closed a 14-point halftime deficit to one point, but Jon...

Was Last Night the Greatest Friday Night of College Hoops Ever Ignored?


With the Winter Olympics beginning in Vancouver and NBA All-Star Weekend revving up in Dallas, much of the oxygen in the sports world was devoted to those two events in some combination on Friday...

West Virginia Fans Do Not Heed Huggins' Message


This has to be said: West Virginia fans have been behaving ridiculously this college hoops season. When you watch their home games on TV, there's no question they're the most profane fan base...

This Week In Ridiculous Media Firestorms Caused By Poor Gatekeeping


↵ ↵In a world where people talk about "the former audience" and "citizen journalism" and "new media" and so forth and so on with the mildly annoying buzzwords, gatekeepers are supposed to be...

January 20: The Night the Streaks Died


Although I spent much of Wednesday night marveling at the NBA, as a college hoops fan I can't help but take note of a few streaks that fell. ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵ ↵Memphis is far and away the most...

Pittsburgh's Football Team May Outscore Its Hardwood Counterpart


Pittsburgh and New Hampshire played one of the worst college basketball games in recent memory on Friday night. The description is so painful to read, it makes one wonder whether those involved...

Weekend Wake Up: A Broken Hand, A Breakout, and Breaking Up the Bucs and 'Boys?


I know that there was baseball and will be more prominent college football. Trust me, I'll get to it.Loveless Game. Minnesota's Kevin Love may be one of the NBA's better tweeters, but he may have...

This Week In Schadenfreude: Sept. 28


↵There is much to choose from on a week when Top 10 teams didn't just lose -- they got obliterated. Sometimes not on the scoreboard, but in yardage and overall play, yes. In terms of sheer...

L.A. Daily News: Jamie Dixon Is Insane. Everyone Else: No, He's Not.


When Tim Floyd committed ↵ritual seppuku a couple weeks ago, the hot name to replace him was Pitt's Jamie Dixon. There were only two minor problems with this hot ↵name: Dixon has already taken...

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