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LeBron James As Political Smear Campaign Fodder


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵We already know that the implications of LeBron James' free agency decision extend beyond the world of sports. There's an obvious economic impact to be had, or else you wouldn't h...

When Your Best Argument Is "That Guy Went To Duke," You Shouldn't Run For Senate


↵So some improbably-named guy is running for the U.S. Senate in Kentucky ↵and is taking on some other improbably-named guy in the Republican ↵primary. They both give off the whiff of student...

Senator Wants Boise State and Alabama at the White House. Your Move, Mr. President.


Orrin Hatch hasn't kept his hate for the BCS any sort of secret. He urged President Barack Obama to investigate the BCS back in October. Now he's written a letter to President Obama asking him to...

Craig James Interested in Running for Senate, Sees Revolution in Today's Political Climate


The Senate is one of the least-liked bodies in American society; few Senators have more than 50 percent approval individually, and Congress' approval ratings as a body are lower than the Mendoza...

Palin's Book Confuses Legendary UCLA Coach Wooden with Native American Activist


Since its release, Sarah Palin's book, "Going Rogue" has been somewhat picked apart for factual errors. From a sports angle, there is no factual error that will get a better laugh than this one:⇥...

Former Satellite Lobbyist Using Fans As Weapons Against Cable Providers


A group led by a former lobbyist for Dish Network is attempting to cobble together support for a coalition representing the interests of sports fans in government. So, yay? Finally, the common guy...

John Elway Wants You, American Citizen, to Be Ever Vigilant


↵ ↵ ↵ ↵With his Arena League team, the Colorado Crush, not in operation and his empire of used car dealerships being markedly smaller than in his playing days, John Elway has some time on...

Rush Limbaugh Wouldn't Be The First Politically Involved NFL Owner


People always gripe when there's the slightest intersection of politics and sports, because sports is supposed to be their refuge from the bickering and banalities of the political spectrum. So...

Hugo Chavez: Just A Young Baseball Player Who Wants to Play in Yankee Stadium


If you’re a political wonk, you’ve been in your glory this week with the news coming out of the United Nations. From President Barack Obama’s pandering to the crowd with his ‘we’re different,...

Curt Schilling's New Spotlight Grabber: Kennedy's Vacant Senate Seat


Like many professional athletes, Curt Schilling is having a hard time hanging it up. By 'it' I don't mean the cap and glove or even the bloody sock -- I mean the spotlight. Curt Schilling needs...

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