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2013 Naismith Hall of Fame Induction preview


The 2013 Hall of Fame class is headlined by Gary Payton, Rick Pitino and Bernard King.

Rick Pitino Plans To Quit Coaching After 2017

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino says that he's done with coaching when his current contract at U of L runs out in 2017.

Rick Pitino Is Still Not Happy About John Calipari's Shots At Louisville

Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino appeared on a local radio show this morning and had plenty to say about his Cardinals and the upcoming season. When the topic of his recent war of words...

Rick Pitino Fires Back At John Calipari

You knew Rick Pitino wouldn't wait forever. Turns out he couldn't even wait a couple of days. In response to Kentucky head coach John Calipari stating earlier this week that Kentucky basketball was...

John Calipari Won't Acknowledge That Louisville Is In Kentucky

With less than two weeks to go before college basketball teams throughout the country begin practicing, the sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant war of words between Kentucky's John Calipari and...

Big East Tournament's Double Bye on the Way Out?


When three of the top four seeds fell in their first game of the Big East Tournament this season -- only No. 3 West Virginia advanced -- the rumbles about dumping the event's double bye for the top...

Rick Pitino Calls Ironic Press Conference to Tell the Fans There's Nothing to See Here


Rick Pitino is a public relations mastermind. Clearly, he's operating on a level that we can't begin to comprehend. That's the only possible explanation I've got for what I just watched from...

Rick Pitino Calls a News Conference; Does It Have Anything to Do With These Tapes?


Things seemed to have cooled down on the Rick Pitino front, at least on a national level, in the last few weeks. The sports world moved on to other pursuits like Brett Favre. So the news today from...

The Latest, But Probably Not the Last, Bizarre Chapter in the Pitino-Sypher Story


↵ ↵This week is probably one Rick Pitino would just as soon forget. First, he had to have a head-on confrontation with the very public news that he had what he called consensual sex with a...

Offsides: The Pitino Extortion Letter


↵ ↵For more on the latest revelations in the Rick Pitino-Karen Sypher extortion case, click here. ↵↵This post originally appeared on the Sporting Blog. For more, see The Sporting Blog...

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