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Sports History 101: The Myth Of Contraction


Everyone's always talking about contraction -- contract this team, contract that team. But if history has taught us anything, not only has contraction barely happened at all, it's certainly not...

What would a 50-game NBA season look like?

If there is a 50-game, lockout-shortened NBA season, what exactly could we expect from it? Inhistoric has the answer.

TDISH: August 30th -- Rahman and Lewis brawl on ESPN show

Inhistoric looks back at a particularly memorable interview with Hasim Rahman and Lennox Lewis that began with gay slurs and ended with a formica table getting crushed underneath 500 pounds of man...

Today in Sports History: October 6th

10/06/1985 - Niekro wins his 300th game Pitching for the New York Yankees, Phil Niekro pitches a complete game shutout as the Yanks beat the Toronto Blue Jays, 8-0, on the final day of the regular...

Today in Sports History: October 5th

10/05/1993 - Larry Johnson signs for big money One day before the shocking retirement of Michael Jordan, Larry Johnson of the Charlotte Hornets signs the most lucrative contract in NBA history: 12...

Today in Sports History: September 29th

9/29/1954 - The CatchIn Game 1 of the 1954 World Series, the Indians and Giants were tied at 2 in the top of the eighth inning. Cleveland had just put Larry Doby and Al Rosen on base, sending Vic...

Today in Sports History: November 8th

40 years ago today, a man born without toes on his right leg kicked the longest field goal in NFL history.

Today in Sports History: November 10th

11/10/1963 - Howe sets scoring record With 15:06 to go in the second period, Gordie Howe of the Detroit Red Wings scores his 545th career goal, passing Maurice "The Rocket" Richard for the most in...

Today in Sports History: October 14th

10/14/1970 - Namath debuts in C.C. & Company New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath makes his theatrical debut with the release of C.C. & Company, in which Namath starred as a motorcycle rider --...

Today in Sports History: January 24th

1/24/1982 - 49ers beat Bengals in Super Bowl XVI Super Bowl XVI was a game of firsts. It was the first Super Bowl appearance for the San Francisco 49ers and the Cincinnati Bengals, and the first...

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